Louise Visits: Pinky Kelleher-LOST SOUL train dancer

Well hey now folks. Hells bells it's been a while since Miss Louise sat down with y'all. Lord I been a busy woman..between tha shriners convention, and the Stink Creek spring festival..Things have gotten a little out a sorts for good ol Miss Louise. The old money makers were a swinging low sweet chariot! And there wadn't no one a comin forth ta carry me home! OOEE! I needed me a bit of a revival. Some rest and relaxation. Boy Howdy thats for damn true!

Now I was gonna ask my gal Thelma ta accompany me on a week long visit to the Stink Creek Mud Spa and Genuine Barbeque pit. "Where tha mud is for you an tha pigs are too!" But she was tied up doin some nursing. Seems that Mama H got ahold a some a that body wax and tried ta give herself one a them Brazillians. Didn't work out with all a them wrinkles an folds an whatnot. Leavin her all kinds a irritated YEE HA! I'ma guessin her lips are sealed for the time being!!..iffen ya ken me? Too bad her jaws still a flappin! What between Mama H's feminine parts an the Raisins viagra overload..My gal Thelma's got her hands full. I'm just hopin she finds the blindfold and ear plugs I left for her.

Since my gal Thelma was unavailable I thought about givin one a my old dancing friends a holler. A gal by tha name a Pinky Kelleher. I reckined we could get together share a few laughs about the good 'ol days..an at the same time beautify an rejuvinate. Now Pinky was a bit of a celebrity an such back in the '70's. She is one a the original "SOUL TRAIN" dancers. Do y'all remember that show? A fella by tha name a Don Cornelious was tha host. Pinky jived and grooved and shook her big blonde afro like nobody's business. WOO EEE! There wadn't no one could do the electric slide like Pinky could! It were a sight ta see! Pinky shaking an twirlin under tha strobe lights..her hair a weavin and a bobbin along ta Sly an tha family Stone an other Motown legends. She was a star!

Sad thing about Pinky was, once she got famous, it kind a went to her head. She started seein herself as tha voice a tha people! she started losin tha sense a who she was. Identifyin with groups an people she din't have no right ta be identifyin with in tha first place. One day she'd be fightin for tha rights a hair restoration and porn star fluffers in Missouri and the next week for unemployed pregnant funeral home beauticians in Utah. Didn't matter that she was none a those things. She thought that somehow she could relate. Sad thing about it was it cost her her job. She was so dang busy fighting this and opposin that..she lost sight of who she was. A fine dancer an a joy to behold. Lots a folks missed Pinky. I know Soul Train aint never was ever tha same.

I never did get around ta callin Pinky. Ta tell tha truth I wadn't to sure she all would be interested in hearin from me. Oh sure I get the occasional email or letter from her tellin me about her causes an such..but she don't never bother respondin when I write her. Guess I just aint in her league anymore. Damn shame aint it?

No sir! I just spent a week in my trailer with tha phone turned off catchin up on my beauty sleep and my womanly excercises. Now I'm back and I'm rarin ta go! Boy Howdy! Not only can I pick that banana up off a tha table, but I can peel it with both hands tied round my back! Feet too! I'm a feelin so good that I'm startin a new seminar down at the senior center next week called " The neccesity a squats an thrusts-cause tha behind is a terrible thing to waste! That's for damn true! As always y'all are welcome ta join me!


kathleen said...

Nice to see you back Miss Louise! :)

Roger Kulp said...

Shee-oot! Nothin' about "Soul Train", just some of the usual meaningless mumbo-jumbo you gals like to spout.Kim must get a bang out of it,'cause I sure don't get what Miss Loiuse says.

Here listen to this

And if'n you ever find a copy,you can sell it on eBay,ad get enough money for a few of them meaningless HBOT sessions antivaxers go apesh**t over.

It's colder than a brass monkey's balls here in Albuquerque,we got sleet last night.Global warming my inflammed butt!

KWombles said...

Heehee, Roger, you are an entertaining man, I will give you that.

What's not to get about Louise? Next thing I know, you're going to tell me you don't rightly understand Thelma or Mamma H, either. :-)

Louise said...

Well shoot Roger! Pinky was a soul train dancer-and iffen y'all would git yer head outta your behind ya would a noticed the play on words in tha title an such. Boy howdy! I reckin that spendin all your spare time gazin on the bounty of your bowels has fogged up your brain!
Inflamed butt thats for damn true! Go do a little research my little fecal focused friend-look up what global warmin means. Bless my bodashuss backside! I'm thinkin its just a spankin your wantin.