Here We Go Loop-de-loo

Don't know if ya'll noticed, but I'd taken an extended break from AoA; things are busy here, and there weren't any interesting things coming out over there. There still aren't, but I peeked at the comments over on the Thorsen thread, and the full-out absurdity of their version of reality hit me again. It never ceases to amaze me that someone over there, be it the actual author of the various pieces or Stagliano herself, has to actually read the comments first and decide, "yuppers, that's a good 'un, on it goes."

Seriously, bensmyson alone defies belief; referring to Thorsen: "Personally I wish Jack Bauer would find him and ask him a few questions in a dank basement with a single bulb hanging from the ceiling, drip, drip, drip from a leaky overhead pipe and reverberating acoustics that echo every cry."

Of course, there are others that also make you do a double take or, if you were drinking at the time and hadn't quite swallowed, risk spewing your beverage of choice: "They sacrified babies for grant money. And then somehow when this all comes to light, we are supposed to trust that in spite of this their science was sound? Yet, Dr. Wakefield's science, which was never implicated, was erased from history because of a blood draw at a birthday party and a lack of some made up signature requirement? How does this happen?"

Seriously, Wakefield's science was never implicated? Babies sacrificed? WTF? Bizarro land holds nothing on the reality that many of these posters appear to inhabit. And it's a real shame; these people are parents of children on the spectrum, they are stressed (and undoubtedly their children are feeling that deeply, keenly). The people who run AoA could step up to the plate and take their responsibilities to desperate parents seriously, provide legitimate information, positive support, etc., but we all know there's no profit there. You can't help sell your sponsors' woo products or your upcoming books (that's right, you can preorder both Age of Autism and Stagliano's work on Amazon now) if you focus on things like making a positive difference in people's lives, providing reliable and valid information. No drama, don't you know?

Based on the popularity of Mercola, Chopra, Weil, Ullman and other woomeisters out there, there are no shortage of folks willing to buy the woo, and I suppose crafty and enterprising folks are bound to take advantage of the marketplace, so it's not surprising that the folks at Age of Autism show no sign of turning course. As long as they have folks willing to buy their special brand of woo, they'd almost have to be loop-de-loo not to sell it, right?

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