What Can We Discover About Thorsen?

Over the weekend, when googling for Thorsen, Emory University still had him on their faculty page (although the APA noted he works for Drexel). Now, those of us who work within educational setting know that the webpages associated with colleges may be woefully out of date, may not update regularly, and may not list adjunct faculty (Drexel University, Thorsen's new employer, does not list him, and I have not heard back from them for confirmation that he's employed there).

This morning, I was continuing the search, and looked back at Emory's (I'd tried the email listed in the picture over the weekend, and it was kicked back as no longer valid). Apparently, they finally removed him yesterday from their employee list:

Of course, this is their new faculty page. At some point, you're no longer new. And he's no longer with them. I don't know why, especially when it appears he was going to help build the "Preterm Birth Research International Center of Excellence" at Emory (according to the 2009-2010 Newly Hired Faculty list, prepared in September 2009), and he'd only gone to Emory in the 2008-2009 academic year. It appears Thorsen left in the middle of the academic year, which would most likely have had him leaving in the middle of a contract year. However, it may be that contracts are handled differently at Emory, and that his departure was planned and expected.

Thorsen has a facebook page and a LinkedIn profile. It hardly appears that he's hiding. He still has a listing in Atlanta for his address, as well, although it may also be out of date, as was Emory's webpage.

I've emails in to Aarhus University and to the director of the university asking about the statement, but have not heard back. Aarhus's webpage on news does not have the statement that the anti-vaccine sites is using. So far, all internet coverage appears to be accusations by various anti-vaccine sites or bloggers like David Brown (and me) asking for proof.


Joseph said...


Did you try emailing direktor AT au.dk, and the admin person who produced the document, apparently wfj AT adm.au.dk?

KWombles said...

I emailed the address on the document, led@au.dk, and then looked up Jørgen Jørgensen at the university's site, and emailed him directly at mailto:jj@adm.au.dk.


I'll email those two email addresses as well.

In addition, if someone has an upgraded membership with LinkedIn, it's possible to email Thorsen through the LinkedIn site.

As of 5:30pm central, I've had no responses to any emails to any place, which I suppose isn't that surprising, as I'm not media. Perhaps bigger fish will have more luck.

Joseph said...

No, you are media. Be sure to make them aware of that.

KWombles said...


I did get an out of office reply on the wfj address just now.

This is what I sent:

Can you confirm the legitimacy of this document: http://www.rescuepost.com/files/thorsen-aarhus.pdf, a statement regarding Thorsen?

If this document is accurate and legitimate, are you accusing Thorsen of absconding with funds or is this a separate matter?

Are you aware that anti-vaxxing groups in the United States are using this document to cast doubt on the thimerosal/autism studies? See www.ageofautism.com and www.safeminds.com as well as http://capwiz.com/a-champ/issues/alert/?alertid=14767581&queueid=4792992956.

I would appreciate any statement you would care to make on this issue, so that I can post on the legitimacy of this statement on my blog, www.counteringageofautism.blogspot.com.

In addition, if you were unaware of Thorsen's whereabouts, he appears to be working for the APA on the DSM-5 and for Drexel University.

Thank you,
Kim Wombles