Think of the Poor Parents of AoA: Autism Warrior Moms and Dads Rally to Insist it's the Vaccines

Poor Age of Autism. I mean, really, it's not been a  banner year, has it? Not even Thorsen's alleged money-business was enough to raise them out of their slump.

Wakefield found dishonest and unethical. That had to suck.
The Lancet case series retracted. Ouch.
Wakefield has to leave Thoughtful House. Bummer.
The monkey study pulled from press. Frak me.

And then, like a ray of sunshine, comes the Thorsen story. Woot. On the rise again. Oops. Science-based bloggers don't defend him once it becomes clear that the allegations are legit. Institutions, including the APA, either let him go or Thorsen steps down. He doesn't stay like Andy the hero to the cause. He doesn't do any press and protest his innocence with loudness. He remains quiet and removes himself from his public affiliations. Wow, what a difference.

So, a bit of a let down, right? And then, bam, boom, wollop, the vaccine court rules that thimerosal was not responsible for autism in the three test cases. And the world comes crashing down for the anti-vaxxers.

Sebelius doesn't want the media to present the pseudoscience side with equal weight, and a lot of the media is finally taking notice. What's AoA to do? Launch articles that are beyond absurd, with cries of censorship.

What else can they do? Send in the AoA heavyweights, of course. JB Handley is up to bat with this whole 'Everybody's scared of vaccines! We're winning!' battle cry. Yeah, it's a real tinderbox, alright. Just look at this doozie of a comment:

After this scam comes to an end, and it most certainly will come to an end because ALL SCAMS COME TO AN END. I personally am hoping it is through mob violence so I can get my licks in.

That's AoA moderation for you: let the threats to others right on through. The more extreme it is, the better, too.

Next up (okay there were some other things in between, but not particularly related to vaccines), is an autism warrior mom's 'man, it's the vaccines, we just know it is' post: Twyla Ramos is up to explain that even though they use the Poling case as proof that vaccines cause autism, that the court isn't actually science. Oh wait, skip the first half of the sentence, because it's not like AoA is going to be that open and complete about something. This is in lines with their 'we don't like what we heard here so we're going to dismiss it completely' post. Of course, it's because the whole system is totally corrupt, doncha know?: "These decisions are based on the overriding goal of maintaining the vaccine program without too much liability.  This is a travesty of justice."

Moving on, Olmsted feels the need to be snarky: boys are scoring poorer in school because there's something environmental (ummm, shorter recesses, girls getting preferential treatment are environmental-- I think you have a problem with definitions, accuracy, facts, that kind of thing, Dan).,

And on to my favorite blogger over there, the one who butchers the infamous 14 studies worse than JB himself: Julie "bump in the road" Obradovic. Yuppers, she's here to tell us that the science is just god-awful, and she knows all about science, as we can all well attest, if we'll take a moment to remember that she appears to be one of them biomed moms who bought into the Cutler protocol.  So, what does she lead with? Ah, of course, the only possible way any of us could think that the science shows that thimerosal isn't responsible for autism is if we are teh very height of teh evils: "The fact is, it is impossible, absolutely, positively impossible to exonerate vaccines and/or Thimerosal in Autism based on the current science. Honest, ethical, and responsible people have no choice but to concede that in good faith."

That's right, folks: she knows totally, completely, thoroughly, absolutely in fact, that thimerosal is to blame and that we are the big bad wolves for thinking differently. We are dishonest, unethical, and irresponsible if we don't agree with her.

That's the strongest stuff AoA's got to offer us this week: people are scared of vaccines and it's all cuz of the work that AoA's doing (Handley told them all to take a bow), the courts are whack (Ramos), it's the environment making boys get autism and teh bad grades (Olmsted), and we are teh evils (Obradovic). Nice line up, huh? Top it off with their wacky side kicks of commenters, and you've got, well, something special, for sure.

So, see, there's several days worth of the woo for you, all wrapped up pretty in a bow. No need for dear readers to waste their precious time wading through it all themselves. Ya'll have a most excellent weekend instead. I do believe I will give the woozie-doozies a break this weekend, pretend like they are the marginalized group they are.

Oh, yeah, and don't forget to take a bow. :-) Science-based, rational folks still prevail. Think they don't? 3/4 of those polled weren't scared of teh vaccines. But it sure was nice of Handley to make it crystal clear that their goal over there is to scare everyone away from the vaccines. See, not about safe vaccines at all. Can't pretend it's about  the green vaccines, either. He gave it all away. I'd say that's a pretty good week for those who oppose the woo, when they just come right on out and say it. Ain't about autism. Ain't about making things better for their children or anybody else's. It's about scaring people.


Clay said...

I'm glad you read all that crap for me, I don't like to go there, it gives me the willies! Have a great weekend, and that's a nice pic of your son.

kathleen said...

I'm with Clay on this..they creep me out over there. It has become so desperate-it is like watching the aftermath of a car crash..it is down right goulish..

Alexander Cheezem said...