Man, We're All Gonna Be Missing out at Autism One!

"And . . . . at a special time yet to be announced: The Age of Autism Editors and Andrew Wakefield!
This session will focus on how "The Daily Web Newspaper of the Autism Epidemic" is covering key stories and fighting to balance coverage that is regularly skewed by the mainstream media. No story has been more important -- or more skewed -- than Andrew Wakefield's General Medical Council Hearing, followed by the Lancet MMR study retraction. Editor Dan Olmsted, Managing Editor Kim Stagliano, and Editor at Large Mark Blaxill will discuss AOA's mission in the coming year and discuss with Andy how to continue to tell the truth about autism. Special guests include several AoA Contributing Editors."

Hahahahaha. Wow. So much to poke at here that I won't poke a thing. I'll leave it to the readers' own enjoyment. Note the Andy, though. I'm so surprised they didn't go with Doctor Andy.


Science Mom said...

I noticed that, yet again, Martha Herbert is participating in this vanity conference. The very same Dr. Herbert that puts herself out there with the curebies and then squawks when she is quoted by the media for articles that cast a negative light on biomed.

KWombles said...

I noticed that, too. Ah well. She's just spreading herself around, right?