A Double Shot of Louise from EDHF and RFID: McCarthy and Blaxill Sitting in A Tree

Louise has written two highly entertaining takedowns of fussybosoms and has agreed to let me crosspost here. 

Part 1: 

Author, Model, Advocate, Dumbass

Praise the lord and pass the imodium! Miss fussy bosoms has written herself a post! And it aint about poop!http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jenny-mccarthy/whos-afraid-of-the-truth_b_490918.html Thats right, Jenny McCarthy, is on Huffington Post-and she's gonna tell ya'll how it is. Ya see, her son was broken, and now praise jesus he's fixed..redeemed by tha biomedical treatments of her Dan! Ya see, she's talked to hundreds a folks-though I aint to sure she can count that high. She's talked to hundreds of Dan! doctors! Now she's here ta witness to y'all..kind a like Norma Rae only with enhanced bosoms. She KNOWS about autism recovery-and she aint afraid ta go after them Dr.'s and scientists who make careers offa tellin folks autism is a hopeless condition. Well aint she like a randy rooster callin a houndog horny?

She's defendin Dr. Wakefield! He never said the MMR caused autism! No sir! "anyone could read the study and know that it didn't" I guess she's forgettin that she went on Oprah and Larry King sayin it did. I guess she forgets about her interview with Time magazine last year..sayin "If you ask a parent of an autistic child if they want the measles or the autism, we will stand in line for the fu**ing measles." So I guess she just KNOWS the MMR gave her son autism? It had nothin ta do with Dr. Wakefield and his study. She came to this conclusion all on her own. Boy howdy, it's hard bein Jenny McCarthy, what with all them botox appointments and book writins an such, she must a plum forgot. No sir, accordin ta Jenny, All Dr. Wakefield proved was that kids with autism have bowel disease. In fact she says "It's been replicated many times" Poor gal, confusin her numbers again. Thinkin Zero and many are the same.

No sir! Jenny McCarthy KNOWS tha truth! Cause she's a parent, not a misguided health professional. After all, accordin ta Jenny, it was parents that proved autism was regressive, parents that proved that it was connected to bowel disorders. She also said that parents proved that autism wasn't genetic. Well hell, she wadn't in Playboy for her brain. She ends this tirade by sayin "Is now the time to be betting against parents?...Whose afraid of the truth? Usually the people it would hurt the most."

That's right, the truth hurts don't it Jenny. Now that Andrew Wakefield has been discredited, you're left holding tha ball-and it aint tha kind your used to. Runnin around twistin and turnin, tryin to hang on to your lucrative career as a professional "mother". Who stands ta gain from keepin this vaccine argument alive? Is it tha parents, who in their fear, cling to the misguided belief, (perpetrated by fools like you) that their children are somehow broken and need to be fixed? Or is it tha "advocates" and the Dan! Dr.'s who charge exorbinate fees for their services?
Need chelation, Hbot chambers, B12 shots, expensive supplements, unneccessary lab tests? Just call Jenny! She'll show ya how! Yup, tha truth hurts. That's for damn true.

Part 2:

Two fussy bosoms and a dumbass make Louise one pissed off woman

Well hey now. Did any a ya'll happen to catch this here article on AOL today?


Seems our fussy bosomed friend,( y'all know...the gal who goes screamin down her driveway a yellin an hootin at god for her sons autism? ) Jenny McCarthy? Well, it seems she got herself an admirer an such. A certain Mr. Mark Blaxill (one a AoA's editors). Well this fella didn't take too kindly to Time magazines criticisin of Jenny. No sir! Not one bit! How dare they call her a" medical menace"!!! Don't they know that she's " beautiful, sexy, earthy, smart, articulate, and determined (and in roughly that order)" No mention of tha fact that she has said that folks ought not vaccinate their kids. No mention a tha fact that she says parents would take the measels over autism anyday! No mention of tha fact that she says that it is going to take diseases comin back in order to show the big pharma companies we need safer vaccines-AND that it's their fault these diseaes is comin back cause they make a product thats sh**! No mention of any of these things...which she said in an interview with none other than Time magazine!http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1888718,00.htmlNope, Mr. Blaxill don't seem ta know whether he's a comin or a goin. And Boy Howdy, we all know what he wants ta be doin! Articulate my big round behind! Tha woman blogs about poop! Is that what he all meant by "earthy"?

Seems to me that tha folks over at AoA is lookin for a new poster girl for tha "cause" now that Andrew Wakefield(or "Andy" as they like ta call him) has fallen off his pedestal. Accordin to Blaxill "her down to earth persona gives her added authority" and "Jenny speaks tha truth"

Now what in tha hell is wrong with this fool? Behavin like a horny houndog in a roomful a legs! A hump hump here and a hump hump there! He's yellin about "hungy lies" and conspiracies and the medical industry bein threatened by of all people Jenny McCarthy! Sorry darlin, the medical industry aint bein threatned by her-no matter how "earthy" ya think she is. Regular folks is. Thats for damn true. And as for your askin "who reads "Time " magazine anyway..a whole hell of a lot more people than you got readin your "newspaper". Hells Bells and a side 'o hand cream, this fella needs ta run on home, get out his 1994 Playboy" playmate of the year issue, and work off a little bit a that "earthy" steam


Clay said...

Blaxill doesn't have to use a magazine. He probably can (and has) gone straight to the real "thang". Jenny isn't a gal hung up on old-time inhibitions.

The author said...

She's so damn clever, lets put her in charge of the Large Hadron Collider.