Age of Autism Runs New Article on Thorsen

The alleged Aarhus University Statement can be found through Generation Rescue. The story that AoA is running is from another anti-vaxxing site, and the funds stolen now total 2 million dollars.

No apparent communication with Aarhus University, no tracking down and asking Thorsen. No confirmation of the details, just rampant speculation and no corroborating evidence other than a document that can not (as of yet) be confirmed as being from the university.

I have an email in to the email provided on the pdf file of Aarhus's statement hosted on JB Handley's site. And I will do some more digging tomorrow.

Whatever the truth of the situation, I'll follow up on it here. You know, almost like I was someone with something akin to journalistic integrity; we'll just call it integrity and a scientifically-minded perspective, what do you say?


Science Mom said...

They are trying so very hard to use this scant information to discredit the Danish Thimerosal study; it's so hilare. Now I thought that they already established that that study was rubbish? Why the need to try and discredit it with information that they haven't even established yet? Just petulant foot-stomping for taking their precious Wakers away.

Joseph said...

Thorsen is the 4th author in a thimerosal study and 6th author in a MMR study.

That tells me the PDF is not fabricated. It's a bit of a stretch to think they'd go to these lengths to make up what is clearly something with marginal implications. If they really wanted to make up something of interest, it would probably be about Madsen, you know, like Ginger implied at first.