Age of Autism Continues Its Downward Spiral...

While we wait for confirmation or denial of the allegations against Thorsen (I have an email into Aarhus's director, the supposed author of the statement), Age of Autism writers, rather than looking into factual matters, attempting to contact Thorsen directly, etc., are running a full-out assault on Thorsen. I don't know why, but Heckenlively had to get into the fray and really show his lack of connection to reality with his title and opening paragraph alone, and then continues the assault on reality with the repeated assertion that vaccines are injected directly into the bloodstream.

Seriously, how can reasonable people not be offended at this?

(Author note - No offense is intended to actual idiots who are really nice people and would never do any of the foolish things mentioned in this article.)
Wow. This ought to alienate the parents of children who have cognitive impairments. I know that I find the patronizing tone here, the use of a pejorative label for the intellectually disabled and more importantly the attitude behind it pretty darn offensive. Of course, the complete lack of science behind the rest of his and Handley's diatribe are every bit as offensive.

So, dear readers, to cleanse your palate, might I recommend you revisit Gorski's  post from Jan 07 2008: Mercury in vaccines as a cause of autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs): A failed hypothesis? It's well worth your time.


David said...

I notice that the most recent post does not claim that Thorsen is missing, or refer to the theft story. I take this as a sign that AoA knows they can't defend what they previously claimed.

Sullivan said...

I was pretty stunned by this. How can a group supposedly organized around disability be so rude?

A person who uses all his/her intelligence is to be commended, no matter what the level of intelligence.

A person, such as the author of that quote, who doesn't use all his intelligence is a fool.

Better an idiot than a fool.