Additional Details on AoA and who their sources are: The Flu Case, no confirming documents

Shoddy journalism. Olmsted accuses the Wakefield debacle of being about just that. And yet he and Blaxill pen a piece of crap from this source: The Flu Case. They take their information regarding Dr. Poul Thorsen from an article that alleges that the good doctor has "vanished":

"Thorsen vanished in March 2009.  He is believed to be living and working in Atlanta."

Yeah, he's vanished. 

Wow, the powers of Google! Yay, verily, he is uncovered. He is found!

If you do a google search for this story, the top two are The Flu Case and AoA. The supposed statement from the university does not appear on the news page for the university. If you search for the statement from the university, you get The Flu Case's story.

So, let's repeat. Olmsted and Blaxill ran with a story they didn't confirm that came from as dubious a site as AoA is. The Flu Case's story does not corroborate the letter, provide a link to where the original document can be found, and does not reproduce the original document. The university website does not have the release on it.

I don't know and can't confirm the real details relating to the funds, and since the originating source of this story is The Flu Case, and since I immediately found Dr. Thorsen with a cursory search of google, and it's obvious the American Psychiatric Association has no problems with him as of January 22, 2010, I will reserve any comment on the allegations.

However, it's yet again confirmation that folks who are a part of whale.to really don't have any credibility, do they?


Anonymous said...

I just found this on a google search, too:


KWombles said...

Whatever the truth is regarding this matter, it will be presented at Countering. The researcher is NOT named in this article linked to.

http://my.opera.com/SavedNotFried/blog/show.dml/8469201 -- also deals with this.

Still not finding corroborating documents on this.

KWombles said...

http://www.information.dk/224183 Not in English, but Thorsen is again not named, and since it says the researcher is missing, and Thorsen certainly isn't....

Science Mom said...

Anything to deflect attention from Wakers, right? And shoddy reporting is the rule there, so again, not shocking. The comments are absolutely precious though; bleeding children at a birthday party is no big deal and they completely ignore the fact that the science itself is rubbish. That was discovered years ago; the GMC proceedings just added additional information to demonstrate that fact.

AutismNewsBeat said...

Anything to deflect attention from Wakers, right?

More like payback for Wakers. But it's a lose-lose gambit. If there's nothing to the story, then the dynamic reporting duo of Blaxill and Olmsted® will look buffoonish. Again.

If the allegations are correct, then the evidence-based community will waste no time denouncing the guilty. There will be no "Free Thorsen" signs, or "We Are All Danes Now" bumper stickers. No strained defensive blog posts (Kroners are not the same as dollars, therefore no theft occurred!) Once again, the critical difference between magical thinking and evidence-based reason will be laid bare.

Well played, Mr. Olmsted!

AutismNewsBeat said...
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KWombles said...

Poul Thorsen's facebook page: