Wakefield Removed From Thoughtful House Research Staff

Orac,  LBRB, and Justthevax  have covered the apparent resignation/removal of Wakfield from Thoughtful House. Thoughtful House's staff page no longer features Wakefield on it. Even the FAQ page has Wakefield removed. Brian Deer notes on his website that Wakefield was fired. Thoughtful House has not posted a public press release on its website, though. And AoA is quiet on the matter, nary a peep, finding it far more important for Handley to chew on Novella and pretend he'd never read Novella before writing his present article. Except he's badmouthed Novella before.

Personally, Wakefield's departure from TH, while a welcome development, does not answer the questions regarding TH's practices themselves. TH bills itself as a non-profit:  "We are a non-profit organization that provides medical and educational support for children affected by childhood developmental disorders (CDDs). The focus of Thoughtful House is to provide the best, most up-to-date treatment for patients and to conduct medical and educational research in order to ensure continuing improvements in the quality of treatment available to all."

Having looked through their tax reports, looked at their costs for clients, I'm having a hard time reconciling the clinic itself and its billables, some of which are at around 500 dollars an hour and seeing where these billables are included in the non-profit. Also, TH's payments to staff as reported on the tax forms are woefully inadequate to cover that area as well. I have to conclude that TH appears to be a nonprofit with a for-profit medical clinic within it that does not in itself have tax exempt status.

There are too many things not transparent at TH. And the fact that the board members aren't listed on the site, either, is interesting. Instead you have just this message: "Our Board has a track record of discovery, innovation, integrity and dedication in seeking to address what is possibly the most important and far-reaching healthcare problem that confronts society today." Were the board members listed before (they are on the tax forms) and removed to prevent easy ability to locate, contact, and complain?

What is really going on at Thoughtful House and why weren't parents asking this all along?


Mom26children said...

The Board was on there last week and so was Dr. Wakefield....strange indeed !!!

Science Mom said...

KWombles, It appears as though their page listing Board Members and Advisors was removed 12, January. This is what it was as of then:
Board Members

Charlie Ball, Developer, Axiom Realty Group

Troy Ball, Realtor, Ball Properties

Jane Johnson, Director, Defeat Autism Now!

Kevin Nater, Vice President of Finance, Dell, Inc.

Maureen Moore, Mother

Dr. Deborah Peel, Psychiatrist

Elizabeth Avellan, Producer, Troublemaker Studios

Greg Swindell, Former Pro Baseball Player

Sarah Swindell, Mother

Emily Robison, Musician, Dixie Chicks

Tom Cagle, Senior Investment Advisor, South Texas Money Management, Ltd.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Executive Director,
Thoughtful House Center for Children


Pete Winstead, Attorney at Law, Winstead, Sechrest & Minick PC

Mike Maples, Ambassador, Microsoft Corporation

Dr. Nona Niland, Board Member, People's Community Clinic

Tina Williamson, TMW Group

Martie Maguire, Musician, Dixie Chicks

Gareth Maguire, Actor

Larry Ogden, Chief Operating Officer, TriCore, Inc.

Don Flaten, CPA

Rosemary Kessick, Executive Director, AiA

Vivian McKelvey, Mother

Mark Blaxill, Founder, SafeMinds

Stephen Walker, PhD, Wake Forest University Medical School

David Kirby, writer/journalist

Jordan Schur, Owner & CEO, Suretone Records

Dr. Bob Sears, pediatrician

Charlie R. Boswell, Jr., Director of Digital Media and Entertainment, AMD

Alan Frey, PhD, New York University School of Medicine