Self-Justifying: Wakefield Goes, but the Cult Follows

AoA has yet to post on Wakefield or Krigsman's apparent departure, but plenty of AoA and fervent Wakefield supporters are speaking out on forums and facebook pages. The fall-out is still unfolding, but we can expect a few things: Wakefield, like a cat (sorry, cats), will emerge on his feet. His core believers will not abandon him. They will, in fact, celebrate him, his hero status, and his fall as martyrdom to the cause. They will become more entrenched than ever before, hard as that is to believe.

The powers that be at AoA, though, now, that's interesting. I predict they will go where they see the money is. They quit actively supporting or mentioning the Geiers last year. I think that this will be the case with Wakefield; he will quietly fade away from their official rhetoric, although they will allow commenters to lionize him.


Clay said...

Who do they have left, Lee Silsby? Jim and Jenny? Oh, and Jake-boy.

Sullivan said...

Dr. Wakefield has been uncharacteristically silent. My guess is that AoA is awaiting instructions on what story to tell.

Lenny Schaefer has suggested on the EOHarm group that there are plans in the works to give Dr. Wakefield a place to land. AoA are likely waiting until they have a good spin before they discuss this.