Roger Gets His Triad: A Thelma, Louise and Kim Collaboration

Roger recently wrote  in a comment on Countering:

"Nothing personal,it's just that I don't like it when people cling so much to any one type of dogma,be it antivaxer woo,or mainstream science.Both sides are pretty anal retentive.

You're the one who is always touting mainstream science."

He also wrote a whole lot of other things, which you're welcome to view. His most egregious comment, though, was this:

"And no,quoting this isn't "touting mainstream science", because "mainstream science" has the same view of autism that neurodiversity does.As far as "mainstream science" is concerned autism is an untreatable neuropsychiatric disease,with the classic "triad of impaiments"."

Now, I grant you, this isn't as bas as this comment that I found at AoA tonight:

"Autism is a disintegration, contraction, and detachment of being, experience, and consciousness. These numerous vaccines are making us increasingly unconscious and reactive in various, numerous, and unpredictable ways."

Still, it's Roger, and these were just two of the comments he left. On the plus note, he left multiple comments, a rarity.

My response:


I'm going to leave aside your comments directed for Thelma for her to work through. I passed them along to her and she said she'd need to get ahold of her Wild Turkey and her bud Louise to get fortified to wade into your stuff.

You show an incredible ineptitude towards what mainstream science has to say about autism. You regurgitate the talking points of the woo brigade who cloak their rhetoric in appeals to authority and irrelevancies and verbosity, all to mask their empty rhetoric.

Just because a bunch of folks on internet forums have decided to reformulate autism into some bizarre mix of mercury and other heavy metal poisonings, vague mitochondrial disorders and methylation defects, among the other assorted nonsenses (I'm not saying these things in themselves are nonsense or without merit; I'm saying they are not ASDs) doesn't mean they've got the lock on the truth. They do not. What they have are some serious psychological issues, a wee spot of hypochondria, some really butchered ideas on anatomy and physiology as well as pathologies, and in some cases what looks a lot like munchausen by proxy.

Mainstream science is not dogmatic except in its adherence to the scientific method and its acknowledgement of the triad of mental clouds (let's call it that) of confirmation bias, affect heuristic and availability heuristic.

Mainstream science, contrary to your belief system does NOT hold autism to be "an untreatable neuropsychiatric disease,with the classic "triad of impaiments"."

While you're stuck in your rotating wooville of choices for what you and the rest of the holders of the biomedical perspective perceive autism to be, science marches on, investigating multiple areas of interest in autism.

It is a neurological condition. Negative symptoms can be mediated.

There are, as there are in many people, autistics with other physiological conditions that are not related. Your need to conflate these things with autism says more about your inability to distinguish good science by those who research autism from the garbage the quacks trying to sell folks woo are promoting.

You really either have no idea of what mainstream science holds, what various proponents of neurodiversity hold, or you are so completely two dimensional as to need to flatten the world out into two separate groups. It's easier that way, I suppose, if you argue against false positions. I mean, why let reality and objective truth get in the way?

Roger wrote to Thelma:

"Thelma,it is possible to have a serious regression,that can cause severe autism symptoms,and leave your intelligence intact.This is a big hallmark of autism of either mitochondrial or metabolic disease."

Thelma responded:

Well, hell's bells, Roger, ya got yourself a blog, I hear. Hope ya have a right high time postin about your issues in detail over there.

Got myself fortified with the Wild Turkey, hog tied my gal Louise into watchin this here this here documentary called Here Be Dragons that Kim makes her students watch. All in preps to readin the frenzy of comments here. Wanted to be sure to give ya the attention ya deserve.

Ya be doin a data dump, hon, and thinkin it's one of your special bm's, ain't ya? Ya go from PDD, to all them got no muscles, but ain't actually got the syndrome that doesn't have the muscles, to your classic tale of regression. Oooh, but now it left ya intact, it did. And if I read the data dump I'll know for true that ya can keep on keepin on doin stuff when ya are in a regression. Seem to recall ya talkin bout how that regression messed your head up, ya know. Uh-huh. I could go a diggin again, but Louise is of the opinion it would be akin to spankin ya, and we know how ya got a hankerin for the spankin. Ya will take a verbal spankin if ya cain't get the true kind.

Ya got a story on ya full of more shimmy and shakes than my gal Louise has. Hell ya is bouncing the bs higher than Louise can bounce her bosoms, is what I am sayin, and that's alot. Ya got a regression that ya swear up and down all over god and country that leaves ya headbuttin and elopin but ya can get ya 300 posts on. Sure ya can, Roger. Uh-huh. Sure ya can.

Ya got more twists and turns that ya got intestinally, ifn ya ken me, and much like your mythically absent abdominal muscles, ya story ain't holdin up. Now, reckon ya might not be aware of it, reckon that's possible. We all got blinders is what I'm sayin. All got needs, all got problems. Ya have a might few more than the average bear, though, and mayhaps a trained professional to help ya weed through some of them problems is in order.

Roger popped back in to respond:

"As I said in my first blog post,I think it's high time metabolic disease with "features of autism" are separated from autism itself.

Defects in specific genes are not woo."
And Louise finished up:

Roger darlin! What in tha hell was that last comment supposed ta mean? Ya come here all fired up with yer quotes an such..yellin about triads or threesomes an god knows what all..I don't know whether you is comin or goin! and thats sayin a lot seein what I do for a livin!

I reckin My gal Thelma is right! You is bein a naughty naughty boy Roger! Boy howdy ya is! Thankin about spankin..a little pump to tha rump..a tweak to tha cheek and whatnot. Thats for damn true!


Mom26children said...

Okay...I have been out of the loop..sorry!!
Today, every person I know, lets me know about Wakefield.
So, me being who I am..NOSY...goes and looks at AoA..
This is so not about the kids...
It is about..
Kirby and Stagliano should be ashamed....

Clay said...

Man, that Roger has more twists and turns than a plateful of spaghetti. Tortured, convoluted logic is de rigeur with him. No wonder he's always getting lost!

Joseph said...

How do you distinguish mainstream science from non-mainstream science?

I guess non-mainstream science is just another name for dubious, non-accepted, probably false science.

It's like "alternative" medicine. What do you call alternative medicine that is known to work? Medicine.