Keep Sensationalizing Autistic People That Way, AoA, and Yeah, The Dumbasses You're Trying to Scare Will

You know, I could do an in depth post, compare crime rates in the general population to the autistic population, to the disabled population in general, and we know that we'd find that autistic people are far more likely to be victims of crime than perpetrators (because I have read the research; I'm just too lazy to track it down right now). Age of Autism's illustrious managing editor just has to ask today: "Is every criminal who seems odd or remote going to be called 'autistic.'" and "Will 'Autistic' Become Synonymous with 'Dangerous?'"

Oh, for God's sake. Listen, when all you do is trumpet the insane, wacked out ideas that autistic kids are poisoned kids who have been stolen away by big pharma and must be recovered at all costs, that the wacko docs who experiment unethically and potentially illegally on them are frakking heroes, that autism is so bad that moms and dads kill their autistic kids, and worse yet, if they don't, their autistic kid will kill them, what the hell kind of message do you think you are sending? I mean, really? Tell me, why don't you?

Age of Autism promotes a vile picture of just about everyone but themselves, they, the ever-valliant martyrs willing to do anything to recover their lost children who vanished in every way except physically after being vaccinated by the evil pediatricians. And anyone who stands in their way is in the big government/pharmaceutical collusion to render an entire generation of children autistic.

And somebody explain to me why three of the most prominent male commenters on there have damn near identical stories? And no one over there can clue in on this? Of course they can't. They can't stand a second of cognitive dissonance.

Keep it up, AoA. Keep casting autism as a fate worse than death. More than a few of your children will "recover" sufficiently to read your words some day.


Sadderbutwisergirl said...

To use a cliche: "There's the pot calling the kettle black." And that describes the situation just about right.
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Corina Becker said...

my general response to AoA's position about this is a facepalm. Both the Captain Picard and the lion one. Cause just... no.

davidbrown said...

From casual reading, I think that part of what Olmsted is trying to say is that autism may be used as an excuse for criminal behavior. Unfortunately, this is a valid point: An interesting case for comparison is Richard Speck's attempt to build a defense on the "double Y" chromosomal anomaly, when speculated links to criminal behavior were debunked and Speck didn't have it anyway.
Thus, this is something where AoA COULD move in a constructive direction.