Fear and Loathing: And it All Implodes in an Orgy of Hate (Except that it Doesn't, really, and Doesn't Have To).

This just in: AoA writes the same stuff this week. Somehow Wakefield is a prisoner who manages to dig his way through shit to escape the whole pharma/industrial complex, leading the rest of the merry band of maligned people into the light. I could go on with the excrement one-liners, but I know someone who's way more into that than I am. Perhaps he'll wander by and offer some.

In other news, Mitchell and others still really hate neurodiversity. Rinse, repeat.

Still others are pissed about the new DSM-V guidelines. Others are happy. Some are meh.

And many autistic bloggers denounce those autistic individuals who think their autism flavor is an "endowment." Good for them. Autism is a diverse spectrum, and if you're not stuck being bitter about where life landed you (either as a parent to someone on the spectrum or an adult coming to terms with a diagnosis), well, it's a whole lot easier to read the research (in all its varieties, some of it good, some of it god-awful, some of it eye-bleeding, no-shit obvious, and some of it scary in how the researchers got it through an IRB) and separate the wheat from the chaff. Oh, and to ignore all the personally irrelevant junk, too.

Just a reminder, one that people tend to forget for some reason, people on the spectrum are PEOPLE. They hold lots of things in common with folks with different neurotypies: some of them are assholes. Never hurts to remember that fact. Even more of them, though, are regular, mostly well-intentioned people doing their best to get through the day (and by regular I mean the commonality that most people share, regardless of issues). And some are truly spectacularly graceful people who rise above, who excel at grace and compassion. We should try to avoid the first category, accept our likely status in the middle, and aim for the latter: grace and compassion.

Bright spots: There are some lovely people doing some really good work out there and they aren't hard to find.

Several disability (and disability rights) bloggers followed Dave Hingsburger's call to write about love and sex. They made for interesting, sweet, and refreshingly candid readings on the intersection between love and sex, as well as loss, the absence of sex or romantic partners, the want of, and more.

Zakh Price's due process hearing went well; he'll get "compensatory educational services." One thing down, more to go.

Several grassroots organizations led through facebook and other websites are working to change the world, change the legislation, change public perceptions. And all this in spite of the divisions of the autistic community. In fact, the Zakh Price and Gomey cases showed conclusively that where people's emphasis is on helping those in need that ideology is irrelevant. Parents who stretched their own spectrum from biomed and anti-vaccination to evidence-based and vaccinating bonded together to work for Zakh and Gomey. The extremist edges of those camps stayed on the sidelines letting their ideology guide their actions. That's okay, though. There are plenty of folks for whom making a positive difference outweighs the need to rightfight. And if that isn't a thing of wonder (see Thelma's Wonder Workin Power on RFID), then what is?

Feel free to chime in with your positive and uplifting thoughts. What wonders have you seen recently in the autism community that disprove the idea that fear and loathing dominate (and that some things and the individuals who espouse those views are working themselves right into irrelevancy)?


kathleen said...

oh it's nice to be able to write about the uplifiting. I do have a really great experience-There is a mom, Denise, She has written for kicking kittens. I met her online a year or so ago on a forum we are both members of. She is a single mom with two daughters. Both of them are extremely impacted by autism. I think that any parent of any child could learn from her. I have never once heard the "I do this" and "I do that" "I,I,I," that you sometimes hear from parents. She parents because that is what parents do. She is just funny and joyful-and I think she would punch you in the eye if you ever described her as a warrior or any such nonsense. :) I have been trying for a while to get her to blog-I think she would be a incredible addition to the blogging community.You asked for uplifting-it was nice to find a place to mention her..:)

Benjamin X said...

At least the whole DSM V and neurodiversity movement are debatable things. Even though I disagree with most of their opinions on those two topics they are more appropriate for a supposed autism blog than endless tirades about Wakefield and vaccines.

Roger Kulp said...

AoA,like Generation Rescue is becoming less and less relavent. More and more now see them for what they are.

It's these (mostly)nutty mothers that will go to any extreme to defend Wakefield that really get to me.Frankly they scare me.Not only are they are trying to make him into this great martyr of the big pharma-medical industrial complex,but it's almost like there's this pseudo-religious cult building around the guy.It creeps me out.

Personally,I find it increasingly harder and harder to get all that interested in "autism",as it may be less and less likely this is what I have.It isn't just all the metabolic testing I've been having,but reading all that stuff over at the DSM-V site,as to just what "autism" is.It was a real eye-opener.I had no idea head banging, eloping,etc.were not part of the picture.I seriously thought it was all part of some great Aspie/neurodiverse plot to make autism sound a lot more fun than it really was.

Mom26children said...

Off subject, mostly because I have been avoiding the drama....

I found this quote from Jenny McCarthy...she is one sick puppy !!

She recently wrote on Twitter: 'I'm looking at a picture of Jesus on the wall. I would have totally dated Jesus. Love that beard. Too bad he's dead.'

She later added: 'Ok ok my friends. I know Jesus is not dead. I'm saying that the fact his body has 'risen from the dead' makes him un-datable.'

Do'C said...


Well, I thought this comment from Daedalus2u over at LBRB was pretty inspiring.