Countering: Hah, this works, too!

See, sometimes you just need a break from gloom, doom, and folks who insist in being mired in negativity. In this way, as well, we can as a community counter the sourpusses of AoA.

Have pictures of a past spring? Play along, and add them as a post to your blog.

Have a moment to shout out to a parent or autistic person who you think deserves a high five for a positive attitude or a scrappy attitude? Add it to the picture!

I have so many folks that it seems like a slight to not note them all. So, if you haven't seen my blog list, scroll down and find it. If they're on there, I think they have something awesome to offer.

But a special shout out has to go to the first two bloggers I ever read and who play an important role in my life:

Kathleen at Autism Herd.

And a hearty I hope spring soon blooms where you are to all my internet friends.

And to those other bloggers who give me my material, I offer the sincerest wish that spring will bloom for each of you, that anger will lessen, that depressions will lift, that clarity of mind will come your way, that you will each find the simple beauty in a single moment, that you will hold it to you and cherish it so that it nourishes you through the cold wintery times-- it seems to me Steinbeck had something with the whole "this is the winter of our discontent" thing. You've been there long enough.


kathleen said...

hey! right back at you twin of mi9ne. :)

kathleen said...

oops, I meant "mine" not mi9ine..

Adoption of Jane said...

^5 too you!!

Clay said...

"Have pictures of a past spring? Play along, and add them as a post to your blog."

Okay, but I can't think of much to say about them.

KWombles said...

Clay, you don't have to say anything about them if you don't want to. :-)

I'm thinking having an occasional blog to post something nice, uplifting, pleasant, and to spread that around on our blogs, that would be nice. Maybe follow it with going around to blogs we read but may not comment on to say thanks for the blog, it's appreciated. :-)

What a nice countering, huh?

just a little dharma bum said...

Kim, this is my favourite kind of countering.

My blog purposely has nothing to do with this debate - I state my opinion on one of the permanent pages there, recommend blogs like yours, Orac's and LBRB, and do my best "behind the scenes" to counter woo and negative attitudes when I talk with other parents - but even so, I just might post a spring photo post sometime soon to add to the kumbaya :)

KWombles said...


That woo-countering is far more important. Most people aren't online. And the best chance of helping people to make rational decisions is person-to-person in respectful conversation with them. It may actually be more stressful, too.

My favorite kind of countering, too, by the way. :-)

Corina Becker said...

Somewhere in my picture files, there are some lovely pictures of my family's Iris'. Unfortunately, they're on the hard drive of the computer in the shop.

sigh. My family's Iris' bloom in June, usually in time for my birthday. Our tulips bloom in May, around my brother's birthday.

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