Another Brush with Spring

While we wait for spring to show up, and my writing partners to conclude their portion of the latest cross-posting between EDHF and CAoA, I offer you this:


Belinda the Nobody said...

Those are pretty.

...what are they?

KWombles said...

Hollyhocks. They are biannuals, greening up the first year and blooming the second. :-)

Belinda the Nobody said...

Okay, neat.

I don't know much about plants, lol.

I can recongnise.... roses... sunflowers... dandelions... pine trees... and I know when something is a cactus. That's about it, really, give or take a few.

And I don't have a green thumb, either. The few plants I tried to take care of all died. o.o;

KWombles said...

:-) If you give me a houseplant, I can nurse it along for a couple months, but after that it's toast. Outdoor gardens are much easier. You can add enough stuff so that when one thing dies, there's still plenty there to fill in.

Belinda the Nobody said...

I'm a killer of Chia Pets, and everyone I know tells me that they are oh-so-easy~ to take care of.
I got one last Christmas.. and... I won't even open the box. I don't want the poor things to suffer.

And... cactus. That cactus I had... yeah. The plant I had before it died because I didn't water it enough, I guess, so I got a cactus figuring... that I wouldn't under water it.
....I over watered it.

(my friend's mom has a lot of cacti... I don't know how she does it.).

I decided it's better for me to stick to animals. I haven't over watered my rats yet. ;)