Tweeting Nonsensical Hyperbole from Stagliano/AoA: Wakefield Not classy

Stagliano proves more with each day that a wider perspective is not her forte. Confronted with the uncomfortable reality that she hawks for a company that tested its product on ten people, has no data on safety or effectiveness and that she willingly sprinkles this stuff on her children's breakfast foods while decrying vaccines and saying they need more study, she entrenched and insisted that the one page FAQ page proved that OSR was safe.

Fast forward to today, and we can see that Wakefield's being found dishonest and unethical is magically transposed into a valiant hero being villified and sick, "gravely ill" autistic children being harmed. The mean and nasty NDs and autistic adults who are glad that a dishonest, unethical and dangerous man has finally been called that are terrible and sick for saying so. Who will help the sick kids now?

There's no objective evidence that 1. autistic children are gravely ill, 2. Wakefield did anything to help them. And if he was seeing patients, then he was in violation of the law. He's not licensed to practice in Texas.

Today's ruling does nothing to stop him from continuing to "not" practice in Texas, and the loyalists have already proven it's not going to lower his client base. Hopefully, it will keep it from growing, though. And that's certainly a reason to cheer.

Since Wakefield isn't licensed to practice, doesn't see patients, how is he healing children? How tortuous does your logic have to be to think that a guy who didn't get the IRB approval he needed before ordered tests he wasn't authorized to order isn't about healing? Exactly how is Thoughtful House healing your kids? Oh, that's right. They do chelation, don't they?

Yeah, the people standing against untested, untried, unproven therapies on disabled children would "sooner see our children swallowed by the earth than healed." I'm going to call this the blatant bullshit it is. The folks standing against this are parents of disabled children, are adults on the spectrum. Perhaps some of us are nerds. Perhaps some of us are in basements. Perhaps some of us have mothers who prepare our meals. But the thought that the people who find satisfaction that the truth is revealed about Wakefield's ethics in the hopes that less children will undergo unnecessary invasive procedures and dangerous, unproven therapies because we don't want children with disabilities to be "healed" shows how warped Stagliano's world is. For another mother to come in and wish that "everyone had his integrity......the world be so much better off"? Oh my gods.

They didn't read the proceedings. They haven't read the science. They believe him because he is charismatic and promises them things not within his power to deliver. It is a cult.


kathleen said...

I don't have words..I just finished reading the transcript...Ms. Stagliano won't read it. Why? She doesn't seem to care what she is putting in her own childrens bodies-why in the hell would she care what wakefield did to strangers children? I don't give a rats ass what side of the causation divide you stand on-what he did was unethical, shameless, wrong. But I guess to some, that is better than having a child live at home and be computer literate. Does she even know how offensive that was? Oh that's right she "couldn't help herself"..hey maybe thats Wakefields excuse too!

Sullivan said...

We could have all written the comments on AoA for the most part. "What about the children".

To put it bluntly--refocusing research into useful areas will HELP my kid.

AoA and Wakefield can't tackle the real problems--a shocking lack of ethics. THAT's what the GMC was deciding on.

There is a lot of "damage control" going on. It amounts to a lot of chaff to confuse the subject rather than address the real subject at hand.

In other words, it is just a lot more of the same from AoA.