Of course, this is courtesy the comment-moderated blog by Harold Doherty. Now, I'll admit it's been a highly interesting day in the webosphere today, but this just cracked me up. John Best is such a hoot!  Or is it quackadoodle?


Nightstorm said...

Lol Pot meet Kettle ForeSam

kathleen said...

um...how do you "lie about autism" oh right..what's his name said so..and yeah, the way he spreads his friendliness and good cheer around the internet-you just want to stand behind him. Not.

Sadderbutwisergirl said...

Not only that, but he uses the 1st amendment to justify his abusiveness towards commentators. All the 1st amendment says is that it's legal to say anything you want unless it's libel on legal terms, or a felony (such as pulling the fire alarm when there isn't a fire). According to Blogger, bloggers have the right to delete any comments that come up on their blogs. He should suck it up, if you ask me.

Corina Becker said...

Of course, of course, Mr. Best is the only one in the world who knows "the Truth", don't you know. So everyone has to be liars.

Even those who know better.

Heh. but I agree with your methods, Kim. the best way to deal with Mr. Best and others like him is to simply broadcast what he's been saying. It kind of backfires their "you're not acknowledging what I'm saying" complaint. ("oh really, so why is your comment/email in a public post on my blog? hmmm?")

Clay said...

He knows he'll never be published on my blog, so he's been writing me personal emails. Highly insulting and full of his most hateful utterances. Has no effect on me, I've known him for years, so it's nothing new.

Maybe he's desperately trying to retain his title of Heavyweight Nasty against your anonymous?

Autism Reality NB said...

From the same comment section of the same comment moderated forum, the comment, from KWombles, which appeared to trigger the post from Mr. Best to which you have reacted:

"Roger continues to misrepresent my position on interventions for autism despite having read my blog on a frequent basis."

John Best accused you of lying and you accused Roger of misrepresenting. You throw lots of stones at others so why run to your home base looking for sympathy when someone throws one back at you?

As your friend Sadderbutwisergirl advises you should "suck it up".

Belinda the Nobody said...

*Snort, eye-roll*

Clay said...

Harold, you're such an (!).

KWombles said...

Ah, Harold, but I backed up my contention that Roger was misrepresenting my position. And if you think I retreated here for sympathy from my friends, then you misread the post. I brought it back here to share a delicious and rather funny irony.

Plus, I do believe there is a significant distinction between noting that Roger misrepresents my position and Best calling me a liar, a distinction that you should be fully cognizant of. What a shame you seem to revel in the particular company you keep.

Sadderbutwisergirl said...

@Belinda the Nobody: I also feel like doing that, and the reasons why should be obvious! *wink*

Roger Kulp said...

Please elaborate what you mean by "miserepresenting your position".As far as I can tell,all ND types have the same position.

And yes,the same can be said of antivaxers,too.

KWombles said...

At Harold's, I posted the link to one of Countering's posts directed at questions you had asked me in the past.

I have enumerated my position several times now, Roger. If you're too lazy to look at the posts, that's your problem. You spend enough time at this blog to have read them, so pretending you haven't had the opportunity to read them is disingenuous.

To suggest that all anti-vaxers agree down the line or that all NDs agree down the line is like suggesting that you, Best, and Doherty, all asshats, share the same position down the line on the basis of being asshats. That's blatantly not true; all three of you hold vastly different ideas despite that descriptive category that the three of you belong to.

Thelma, too lazy to log in and respond herself to your nonsense, asked me to include here for you her piece on this: "do ya ken Kim, dear, or was that mayhap too complex for ya? What with the autism all but gone thanks to the mighty chelation and liquid diet, the mental fog ya claim it ta have caused surely is free and clear from ya now, and understandin ought to be clear and bright for ya."

She suggested you visit her over at Dumbasses and she'd be glad, with Louise's assistance to help you figure it all out.