The Pharma Whores: Penniless but Hot for Science

Catchy, no? Spend anytime on the autism blogs, groups, and forums and you'll see the pharma whore gambit trotted out by the anti-vaxing crowd any chance it gets. I think they just like to shout "whore" as much as they can. Stop. Look around, make sure no kiddies are in sight, and give it a shout out."WHORE!" See, made you smile. Obviously a pleasure inducing word. Hah.

Anyway, these tired, jaded attempts to suggest that anyone who stands for science must be getting paid to do so are an attempt to avoid our arguments. If you keep yourself occupied shouting whore every chance you get, you don't have to actually make any of them brain cells rub together. Yes, I know they don't rub together. As Thelma would say, them damn fools ain't got no sparks goin on up there noways. She has a way with words, that's for sure. Mike Adams at NaturalNews seems to think he's got a lock on what skeptics think. He's got a hell of a lot of advertising over there, but I haven't seen anyone call him an altie whore. Stagliano's got a twinkle in her eye as she pops an MB-12 pop in her mouth and types about the energy rush, but no one is calling her an altie-whore, either.

We don't have to call them whores with all the accompanying loathing that they place with that word (a way of denigrating women at the same time, even if the person defending is a man); it's a two-for that way, they've denigrated a man's manhood by calling him that and a woman, as well.  We don't have to resort to name calling in order to avoid the argument. Scientific evidence is beautiful for defending our claims. Now, we might name call while we provide the science, but our claims don't consist of "Well, you're a big poopoo head!"

All this to do my little bit to ahem myself for readers to be aware of a new facebook group, The Golden Emesis Basin Awards. Feel free to come have a look, suggest an award category and nominees. :-) Have fun, but try not to be vicious. Remember, we back our stuff up with claims.


Clay said...

But, but they are big poopoo heads! ;-)

kathleen said...

Ah but name calling can be fun!...they just need to come up with some new ones. I'm hoping some stop by "Golden Emesis" they could learn much-AND at the same time see how very creative we are...when it comes to names. What they do to get those..er.."titles"..is all them.:)

jillsmo said...

Oh HAI! I found your blog by Googling "pharma whores" and I'm SO EXCITED NOW!!!!