Little Known Skeptics: "so similar to darkness and light"

Not only is Joe Mercola a tanning bed salesman and woo-seller extraordinaire, as Orac noted the other day, he's a class act. There's this thing called the Shorty Award for twitter; I don't do a lot with twitter: 140 characters to get one's message across? Egads. Not my idea of fun. There are different categories, and the voting is, in essence, a popularity vote. Now, apparently the woo is strong in many, so Mike Adams, someone I had not run across or read until this week, thanks to Orac, has like 25,000 fans on facebook. Oh, it gets better. Mercola has over 63,000 fans. Holy cow. And having 63,000 fans has led to Mercola's big head and boneheaded rant the other day over the fact that Dr. Rachie had over taken him for the health category.

Of course, he's "apologized" in the above text for his previous rant. He doesn't waste any time being the bigger man, though:

I mean, really? He's the one who wrote this:

"An arrogant group of science bloggers that have vilified me for the past few years have started a campaign to have an Australian shill to win a health award on Twitter. This overweight non-physician has arrogantly bashed nearly every alternative therapy and encourages reliance on drugs."
Bitter much?

Why yes:
"A band of "science" wackos have decided to promote a unknown Australian "doctor" who bashes all natural medical therapies. She wants to push vaccines and drug therapies for all."

Why do the wackaloons feel the need to put science in quotes?

Oh for goodness sake! Mercola pushes three thousand dollar tanning bed so you can get vitamin D! Man done sold his soul to the woo gods a long time ago. He's made his money on the backs of desperate people. Instead of promoting evidence based therapies, he promises unrealistic cures based on slipshod and downright shoddy science, and that's when the woo he's promoting has actually had any scientific studies done. He consistently gets it wrong, and people lap it up like it's ambrosia.

I get wanting to live better, feel better. I get wanting to cure our ailments. I get that modern medicine doesn't always afford us that cure and that it cannot restore health and vitality. I even get that many medicines come with side effects that are worse than the disease they are treating, so that a person can be left struggling with which to deal with: the side effect or the original problem. I get, having been recipient of less than standard or even stellar care, after having family members deal with less than adequate care, that mistakes happen, too. I am not, nor or the skeptics or the science "wackos" I read and/or am friends with, suggesting that modern medicine is flawless and the answer to all our current ailments. But you know what? I'll take evidence based medicine any day over woo. I'll look for my answers to what ails me with my doctors, with modern medicine and science before I'll look to Mercola, Ullman, and Chopra. At least Chopra can make the woo sound pretty.

Mercola thinks that folks who don't buy his woo have been brainwashed. His woo has become a religious cause to him and he wants his followers to help him lead us into the light, his mystical, magical woo light of alternative medicine:

Ummm, we'll pass, won't we? With his kind of light, it's so dark, isn't it? I've got some magic water sure to fix that, though. :-)

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