The Kitchen Sink Of Serious Anti-Vaxers: When Reason and Logic Fail

"evilpossum and possey; as God is my witness you will stand in judgement for this selling of the vaccine damaged children. One day you will answer to God not me! for all the lies and deciet you use to make your living. Eternity my friend is for ever so I hope selling your soul was worth it. I believe one day you will see the faces of the suffering children, and I believe before you see hell God will allow you to feel the pain that these children felt. And make no mistake you will think about it for all Eternity, and remember it is forever. I believe your screen name says it all; evilpossum"

                                       ccdaddy57 (01/22/2010, 4:27 PM )

Oh my cosmos, we're selling vaccine damaged children now! But who is buying these vaccine injured children? And what's the resale value, really? Okay, I kid. Really.

Moving on, does ccdaddy57 mean he won't stand before God in judgment or that "evilpossum and possey" will stand before God and not before CC (for short)? The rest is just downhill, isn't it? If this comment didn't make you all rosy with the contemplation of what awaits those who disagree with anti-vaxers, CC offers this up:

"Evilpossum and other friends of pharma; your words were when we were talking about fetal tissue and fetal retnas being used to culture a vaccines was it 's
not in the end product. So what! So the readers are to understand that you have no problem using an aborted baby to make a vaccine with. In this case, may I say you and your ilk are SICK!"

                              ccdaddy57 (01/22/2010, 4:43 PM )

Ilk? Ilk? Seriously? Ilk? Is that like a special codeword the anti-vaxers get together and agree to use about anyone who disagrees? Do they see themselves as secret superheroes fighting the dastardly never-do-wells? Is that it? Holy cow! Or is it possible that we've seen this ccdaddy before? Probably just a coincidence. But really, they should get together and agree to spread out the lingo some, be imaginative rather than derivative.

Yeah, I may have discontinued commenting on the Trib thread once bensmyson started on his constant 'would you reboot your kid' shtick and meinva's incredibly annoying "chirp chirp chirp" nonsense, but I've been perusing it to see just how silly it would get and how long the three rational guys (two of them friends of mine, the third I'd certainly consider one, if we ever "met") would continue to hash it out. And silly it's certainly been. There's the typical stuff of inaccurate information. And then there's the quote at the top. It beats out bensmyson for the most absurd statement of the week by the antivaxers. It was a close one, though, what with bensmyson's:

"If you had three wishes would one of them be that your son would be free from autism? Changed in an instant, completely restored, rebooted?"

And this by him as well:

"The entire CTI Science FAQ page was sent to both the reporter and her editor before the article was published."

That entire FAQ page was one page. This man goes on and on about vaccines and studies every place he can, but he's happy with a one page FAQ. That's good enough for him and it's obviously more than good enough for Stagliano.

There's plenty of over-the-top statements to be found, though, and not just at the Trib's comments. They're on facebook, they're on forums, like Mothership Captain wrote on today.

I found the forum she wrote about, and these parents go on about anxiety and wondering why, after they've stuck suppositories up their nearly sleeping children's rear ends while the dads "wrestle them:

"Anyone see increased anxiety with this?"

Day after day, month after month (and I don't care if you're doing this 3 days on/11 days off) of sticking suppositories up their rears and they wonder why? Why the child might be anxious? Why behavior might change? Gee, dad holds me down while mom sticks stuff up my bum every night and I hear them talking about how I'm damaged and need to be recovered and this is sure to do it. Maybe, once I'm through being traumatized, I'll make sure to watch my stims  and other behaviors they don't like so maybe they won't do that to me every night as I'm falling asleep. You think?
Still, there's no shortage, as we've seen this week, of folks willing to suspend all rational thought.


Socrates said...

Inserting suppositories can be extremely painful if it's not done correctly - as I've had the 'pleasure' of finding out.

It can easily tear the peri-anal area and even without obvious damage can lead to soreness that can make defecation hurt like hell.

storkdok said...

I would find it interesting to ask these antivaxxers if a provaxxer/anti-disease could "repent" and enter heaven. I suspect they would say no, because they are acting judge and jury, not the ever-loving and forgiving fictitious god.

Don't you think they are getting loonier with time?

kathleen said...

Fetal retinas? Eternity is for "ever"...who is ever? ;0 I'm sorry..but this is beyond loopy-it is scary. Religion, vaccines..people believe what they want to believe-no amount of reason, logic, facts, etc. is going to change that for some, once have made up their minds.

Mom26children said...

My favorite is "how to hide the nicotine patch" so teacher's and therapists cannot see it on the child....
You know, so the "parent" won't be vilified for using NICOTINE on their child with Autism.

Belinda the Nobody said...

These type of people... scare me.
And not in the good way, either.

AutismNewsBeat said...

ccdaddy also wrote that the combination of mercury and aluminum in a vaccine created a burning, fist-sized knot on his son's leg. Here's the quote:

"On my 27 month old sons leg at the injection site was a knot the size of a mans fist, so hot it would burn you from a half an inch away the next day three mini siezures and a child that was normal began to flap his arms and start screaming banging his head and chewing everything wood, plastic, anything and everything. later I read to my amazement mercury and aluminum create the production of heat. That is what I was observing in my sons leg it looked like a leg on a leg on this little baby, it was so big and hot. Within days he was losing his speech."

davidbrown said...

The ironic thig is that what the commenter's opinions on the medical use of fetal tissue aren't that different from my own. As I tried to explain at least twice, I just don't see it as a safety issue (at least not any more than blood transfusion or organ transplants).

ANB: Interesting... It actually sounds plausible, as a description of an infection at the injection site. But it's been colored by "superstition", in the form of blaming fanciful effects of metals rather than prosaic germs and in interpreting autistic symptoms as a direct effect rather than a stress-related response.