How Isolated Are Cases of Restraint?

This subject deserves serious attention. Clay has posted two pieces on a young man who was restrained while at his sheltered work place, stopped breathing, and was ultimately removed from life support.

Please read his posts on this. Attention needs to be given to the cases of abuse and neglect that happen. Outrage must be expressed in a politically and socially effective way so that these things are treated seriously and the people who engage in the harmful behaviors towards the disabled and disadvantaged are held accountable.

It is not acceptable. Many of us have children who will go into situations, ultimately, that are beyond our control, and we must make sure that when they do, it is a safe place for them, that they are treated well and that abuse or neglect is not tolerated.

Part of that involves making sure that those who are disabled are accepted and seen as equal. If you see others as outside your in-group, it becomes easy to abuse them. Those in the autism community who spend their time railing against the neurodiversity movement don't get that. In fact, I'd argue that most of them railing against the neurodiverse do see the disabled as other-than, as less-than, and it is that mentality that creates a climate that fosters the abuse and neglect.

Zakh's story needs to be heard. As does Tim Aleshire's. As do the thousands of others who are abused and negleted but go unheard.


Stephanie Lynn Keil said...

I've definitely had my share of restraint and other similar "procedures." They are, sadly, all too common, especially in institutions.

Clay said...

To answer the question in the subject line, that would be a good google project for someone. It deserves an answer.

Any "restraints" used should only be done by people who know how to do it without causing harm. But, far better to "de-escalate" before things come to that, if possible.

Thanks for the links and mention. I was really upset about this senseless death.

Maddy said...

I don't know the answers but it makes for a pretty bleak future.