Eyes Should Be Burning: The Irony of Stagliano's Position on OSR

It's a two-for kind of day, and no doubt it will make Stagliano feel the warm, soft fuzzies for me, but thanks to Sullivan providing the link to the Chicago Tribune's pdf copy, the paperwork that CTI provided to the FDA is available for review. If Stagliano keeps supporting OSR after a week of so of this paperwork being available, well, we can safely say, it ain't about the truth, it ain't about safety, and all our eyes should be burning at the hypocrisy of her position.

Nice, huh? Ya'll should take a look at the document. It's illuminating. And it appears that Haley is breaking the law, too, by offering this for sale. I wonder if the FDA will act?


davidbrown said...

Odd that they manufacturer doesn't appear to warn against internal consumption. Perhaps they thought it redundant and ridiculous even as warnings go. I thought readily of a Simpsons gag: "in case of internal consumption, consult mortician."

Mom26children said...

AoA wanted someone who had an adverse reaction to OSR...couln't find any...
Funny, I went to the AutismWeb forum today and found this...

Post subject: Re: OSR#1: Industrial chemical or autism treatment?
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I have to say that I agree that this should not be sold for children, especially our kids. We had a horrible experience the two times we tried it. We actually saw seizures both times, it took two months to get him back from that. I'm sorry, he may be trying to help, but the whole way this has been handled and used just isn't safe. This is the very thing we complain about doctors and vaccines, it hasn't been studied enough for me. It's a chemical also used to finish furniture, nuf said.


Sullivan said...

Let's see--they are selling a chelator, but not informing parents and other customers that it is a chelator.

Yes, that's "informed consent".

There is a huge team of apologists who support anything the biomed community does. This is just plain disgusting. No other way to put it.

Who knows, there may be some theraputic use for this substance as a chelator. It could be safe for some group, it could be dangerous for some susceptible sub-population. But, I guess "susceptible sub-populations" only exist when we are talking about vaccines and mercury?

The outright hypocricy of the biomed community is just astounding. Circle the wagons, protect our own! Jesus, if this were Merck and not "CTI" they would be howling with disgust that an untested chemical could be falsely labeled and marketed.

"Little Pharma" shows they can be as bad or worse than "big Pharma".

kathleen said...

What does it take to warn a parent away? I see the source that mom26children posted...and I think-the mother is just NOW saying it hasn't been tested enough? After seizures? Is it me-or are they just not caring about cloaking the craziness over at AoA anymore?

Thelma said...


More on OSR. Cain't the folks google stuff? I thought these people were google scholars.

Thelma said...

found some more; it ain't hard once ya are alookin.

2. Oxidative Stress Relief (OSR#1)

Oxidative Stress Relief (N,N'-bis(2-mercaptoethyl)isophthalamide) is a new product associated with the renown Dr. Haley.

Dr. Haley has done remarkable work exposing the pharmaceutical coverup of the relationship between vaccine-induced methylmercury (Thimerosal) and autism (and numerous other diseases). He has served as chemistry chair for the University of Kentucky and is well known as a leader in helping people find solid information in relation to mercury and autism.

OSR#1 is a product associated with Dr. Haley and is being marketed as a generalized anti-oxidant. Nevertheless, the chemical structure of the product dictates is usefulness for the removal of mercury from the body. It's possible that the product is marketed as a generalized supplement to avoid the prohibitive FDA costs involved in attaining FDA permission to make other claims.

Many across the internet are touting their personal successes using OSR#1 with their autistic children and with their own cases of mercury poisoning. On the other hand, there has been a considerable anti-OSR smear campaign from pharmaceutical and mainstream media, which often indicates that a product is a potential threat to pharmaceutical profits.

OSR#1 is expensive and because of high demand, is currently only distributed through doctors. The manufacturer's website -- CTI Science -- states that OSR#1 may become available directly to the public when the company is better able to keep up with current demand.

The advantage of this method is that is has only a limited potential for mercury redistribution, although Dr. Cutler has claimed that mercury redistribution with this product may be somewhat more problematic than with DMSA. The disadvantage of this product is that it can be difficult to attain (which may change in the near future) and is currently expensive.

Following is a link to the manufacturer's website:

The product is currently available for sale to the public at this location:


Louise said...

Thelma my gal! you is a genius when it comes ta findin things an whatnot. Must be the librarian in ya! I said librarian! Not emperor! Yee ha! rassle them dumbasses!

Thelma said...

Aww, shucks, Louise, ya should see what I can find with a laptop and the emperor!

Got some more info on that OSR from http://www.devdelay.org/newsletter/vol14-num2-08-09-winter.pdf. Ya ought to check it on out. Says if ya got yaself an adverse reaction, ya oughta bind the OSR with activated charcoal. Uh-huh.

Thelma said...


"Boyd Haley, from the University of Kentucky, has spent his lifetime studying Biochemistry. After 30 years, he has discovered a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying agent that can literally double your own body’s glutathione levels which you produce to safely perform all of these described functions."

Man may not call it a chelator to the FDA, but he sure ain't hidin it from the masses he's tryin to sell it to.

Thelma said...

"This is also because it is in limited supply. The cost, depending on the dose is $120-$480 a month but the majority of patients will require only one dose a day."

From the same site. Good Lordamighty. Three girls on this crap? Stagliano gettin a kickback for endorsin it, ya reckon?

Louise said...

Boy howdy Thelma my gal!! I done thought the emperor was yer laptop!

Thelma said...

Louise, darlin, he's a handy fellar, he's my laptop while holdin the laptop!

Life as the mother of 4 said...

I feel sort of hesitant to comment but thought you might be interested since you showed part of the Material Safety Data Sheet. My husband had a job disposing of hazardous waste for our university while he was getting his undergrad degree in chemistry.

I read the handling information to him and asked how hazardous the formulation is. He said many MSDS are the same; for instance, poison and ingredients in dish washing detergent would carry the same warnings: wear safety gloves, avoid contact with skin and eyes, don’t inhale, etc. (He and his co-workers joked about the warnings on compressed air – it said to ventilate the room after exposure.) For information about the toxicity of substances they looked for lethal dose 50% (LD50), the exposure at which 50% of the mice died, and for inhalation information.

I can’t speak to dietary supplement's effectiveness but the information in the report shows that it isn’t toxic.

davidbrown said...

"Dr. Haley has done remarkable work exposing the pharmaceutical coverup of the relationship between vaccine-induced methylmercury (Thimerosal) and autism (and numerous other diseases)."
Uh... It's ethylmercury. And what the hell is this supposed to mean???

kathleen said...

I understand what "life as.." is saying..I do. Today, we have warnings on EVERYTHING..hell, you can't even buy a simple household bucket, without being warned that a child could drown in it. That being said-if I were to go over to AoA and look at the arguments against vaccination-arguments that include a list of (made up) ingredients-and read the comments about "how could anyone inject this into their child? Come on now...pot kettle black. If I were to go over there and take what "life as.." said here and said the same thing only about vaccines...well, we all know it would never get on-ever.
I love the arguments over there..we need more vaccine testing!! It's all a pharma conspiracy! All doctors are uneducated pharma shills! Yet-they will use this-which has hardly any testing-none on children, and give it to their kids. Yeah-someones making money-