Deepak me this! When google alerts (and Huff) lets you down, go to the source!

Deepak has a blog where he puts his stuff that he writes out and about. So his Woo Woo Huff piece is over there, and I thought this morning since google alerts will not trip this site, nor Ionization Energy, nor even my main website where I put a link to the Chopra Woo Woo blog, why not go post over there at Deepak Chopra's main site? So here is my comment (and of course I linked it to the Dec 28th post!). It is, of course, awaiting moderation:

You really wrote that "we seem as far from understanding cognitive processes as we were a century ago"? That is emphatically not true. We may not understand all the neural correlates of consciousness, but we absolutely know a heck of a lot more than when the structuralists and functionalists were kicking it around. We learn more with each passing day as cognitive neuroscientists and neuropsychologists pursue ground breaking research into the neural correlates of consciousness and where cognitive processes arise in the brain.

Mystical mumbo-junbo is lovely for things that cannot be fathomed, but when you intrude into areas where there is empirical evidence and pretend that there is not, then you cannot but expect negative reactions from scientists and people in the fields whose work you either ignore or butcher.

:-) What better way to spend a chilly, lazy morning?

**My comment posted but they did not link to this blog nor provide my name, although both were provided to the site. Tacky, huh?**

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