AoA Saturday Bombardment of Rerun Posts: Burying the Zakh Price story!

This morning, Age of Autism finally covered the Zakh Price story. No mention of the need to raise funds and no links to any other blog coverage or his facebook group site were made. AoA did provide a link to the arrest report, which is an excellent contribution and appreciated.

And then what did they do? AoA ran a bunch of posts, many of them previously run, in an apparent attempt to bury their Zakh story. So far, they have run Comment of the Week, a rerun of the Dr Oz story (they moved it from the 12th when it was originally posted), a post on "When Reporters Don't Read" (ran on the 11th), "Olmsted on Autism: I Know, Michael, Footnotes are No Fun" (ran on the 13th), and then just as an extra, in case that didn't bury Zakh far enough down the page, they threw in Blaxill's December piece, "Lies, Damned Lies and CDC Autism Statistics."

Now, Saturdays are typically quiet posting days for AoA. Last week, the 9th and 10th, they ran 3 pieces in total. On the 2nd, they ran  3pieces, and on the 3rd they ran 3 pieces. Dec 26-27, they ran 4 pieces. Dec 19-20, they ran 6 pieces in total. Dec 12-13, they ran 7 pieces in total. It should also be noted that most of these are short pieces that don't fill the page and are not repeat posts (pulled from their previous placement and now placed, with original comments, on the weekend). So, what we have here is counter to the typical pattern. The only typical weekend post made today is the commenter of the week; we have the original post by Stagliano covering Zakh, and then a deluge of repeats, which is not something AoA typically does. So why the break in pattern?

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kathleen said...

They broke their pattern for the simple reason that they are weenie heads. Not any old weenie heads-mind you, but world leaders in the weenie head movement. They are well on there way towards world weenie head domination..