Age of Autism's True, Unapologetic Colors: Even Zakh's Grandmother Deleted. And Still No Coverage.

Oh so many things so little time. No one was rude. We posted links to Zakh's sites. We asked for help. We then asked why you were deleting posts. We didn't put allegiances out there. To then delete Zakh's grandmother? Unbelievable. Age of Autism doesn't give a rat's ass about autistic people unless it furthers AoA's agenda. You proved that here. In spades.

I suspect that this little entry will disappear as well; it really doesn't put your best foot forward, does it?

And still no coverage on Age of Autism. If you thought you were being hated on, you probably ought to grow up, too.


kathleen said...

makes you want to go eat a rabbit-doesn't it? :) I know, no one was confrontational...but Stagliano will elude to it-and everyone will chime in supporting her...even though they never saw any of the comments.They only "hear" about how awful they are. Mass suggestion at it's very best.

storkdok said...


AoA truly does stand for Age of Assholes.

KWombles said...

:-) Not too appreciative of the coverage, either. They blocked me from looking at the facebook fan page.

Yes, because that will show me.

Attila The Mom said...

Thanks so much for staying on top of this!