Absurdities and Beyond: AoA Over the Edge

 "1 out of seven boys autistic yawn" --concerned mom

Stagliano's thread on cancer getting more attention than autism continues. Someone managed to get the comment from the Autism Web Forum that Jeanette posted here on over at AoA, which is miraculous. Of course, the powers that be at AoA may have realized they get more foot traffic there if they let comments on that allow their wackaloons the opportunity to spout off nonsense like the quote above. That's right, someone over there thinks that 14% of boys have autism. And that tylenol deaths should be getting more attention. See, if you misdirect people's attention with the tylenol deaths and the epidemic--14%! of autism, then we can ignore that Haley's taking desperate people's money and giving them a chemical used in mining.

They've made the argument that it must be okay, as you have to go through a doc, and not just any doc, to get OSR. Haley's using scarcity to promote increased desire for a product, to give it the varnish of exclusivity and acceptability, as well.

But, let's go back to concerned mom. She writes:

"really appreciate your help....your concern for my childs health is amazing actually i think its more of a CONTROL issue...I really am so frustrated obviously a personality issue with ND is CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL.... could you go control something that doesn't effect my family personally thanks..."

Yes, writing about safety concerns and the desire to have appropriate clinical trials, protections, etc. is all about control. I do believe the ones with control issues are the folks like these who think that they should have the control over what they put into their children's bodies, no matter the evidence for its safety.

These are the same people who argue that because they had the right to abort but didn't, they should have the right to do what ever they want.

I present to you Stagliano's assertion that since she didn't abort, but could have, whatever she wants should be good to go:

Says Benson (01/19/2010, 1:03 PM ):
"Now if I were to learn that a neighbor was using a known neuro-toxin on their child to supposedly help a child avoid a chronic illness and it wasn't a vaccine, or a black labeled anti psychotic medication like Risperdal but something like what, antrax or a drain cleaner? Yeah I would call social services.

But let's say the child has cancer and the parent doesn't want to put the child through chemo or radiation therapy. Instead the parent believes he can pray or cut the throat of a goat, or use herbs and tonics, what do I know. It is the right of the parent to do what they feel is best. I've known of stories where people claim miracles of healing. I used to be a practitioner of martial arts, broke bricks, saw a man hold a burning coal in his hand and not get a blister from it. I've had an acupuncturist stick a needle in my hand and i got so stoned from it I couldn't get my head off the table. Do I understand how any of that works? Nope.

OSR as far as I know has done nothing but aid children in removing toxins from their body. If you have any other information that disputed that Id love to hear it because Im thinking of trying it."

Bolding and italics are mine. Benson truly believes that whatever they feel is best is okay. Unless its drano. So, laying of hands? Good. Sacrficing goats? Good. Withholding potentially lifesaving medical care? Good. Chelation and all the other assorted quackery? Good.
Anyone doubting that these children are, by many of these parents, viewed as commodities or goods that they, the parents, get to decide how to deal with rather than individuals with the right to be protected from abuse and neglect (whatever the form that takes)?

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Mom26children said...

I have had to stay away from the forums...I would get emotionally upset when I read what some people (I won't call them parents) put their children through.
I know a woman here in Austin, she has 2 children with very mild autism, yet...she is disappointed that her son (the oldest of the two children) did not get cured by Kindergarten. He is in 3rd grade this year and he showed up at school with a nicotine patch on for his hyperactivity.
She has both children on an elemental diet (which is a liquid diet). The little boy has told his therapist that he is hungry. She can't do anything. They have lost so much weight.
The little boy has gone through IVIG infusions, all forms of chelation and she is not done yet.
He is not perfect in her eyes.
This is just one of thousands of stories written on these forums. They cheer each other on and take pointers from each other.
It got too much for me !!
Instead, I look at my amazing children and bask in their glory...and glorious they are!!!