Will Specter be AoA's New Offit? Plus, Stewart is the anti-Mahar.

Olmsted's got a thing for Specter like Stagliano, Conrick, Obradovic and Handley have a thing for Offit. It's almost embarassing. Oh, I know, like I've got a thing for the woo. Seriously, Kim, I know ya'll are thinking, is there something else you want to write about that doesn't involve the woo, the pseudoscience, the anti-vaccinists, autism, the need for a better world, for the disabled to have full access and respect, oh, and some of those occasional stories about the garden girlies and the bright boy? It's almost always countering the woo. I know. What's a gal to do? You don't read my shovel posts over at Detritus, so I figure you like the woo-fighting! :-)

AoA and Olmsted have had their knickers in a knot over Specter appearing on Stewart's show. Write Stewart, tell em how bad Specter is. Come on, really. OLMSTED. Done covered the sweet, sweet irony of that. Grill him on the vaccines! Hah. How'd that work for you?

How many of you watched Specter on Jon Stewart tonight and thought, I know folks who are really gonna be pissed. Stewart came solidly out as a person who vaccinates his children and Specter made clear that he wasn't intimidated by AoA. Good show overall. Left me smiling.

Schadenfreude. Cuz sometimes there's no other way to go.


kathleen said...

crap! I missed it..I'll have to catch the repeat at 8 tonight. :)

AutismNewsBeat said...

Olmsted is schedule to be on Food Chain Radio this Saturday to tell us why the Clinic for Special Children doesn't exist:

Upcoming podcasts
Show #662: AN AMISH AUTISM ANOMALY (available for download soon)
Guests: Investigative Journalist Dan Omsted
Subject: Whereas the rate of autism in the general population is 1 child in 166, the rate among the Amish is 1 in 15,000. This anomaly leads us to ask… Why do we have 90 times more autism than the Amish?
Topics include a profile of autism; how the incidence of autism appears to be growing among the general population; and why so few Amish are afflicted.