Two Absolute Must Reads

3laine's post "But you LOOK "normal"!!" is an excellent post  (when are they not?), so I hope folks will take the time, if you haven't read her blog before, to take the time to read it.

Life as the Mother of 4's latest blog, "The Great Divide: Trying to Figure out the Neurodiversity Movement" is an insightful post, looking at neurodiversity from an outsider's perspective, and also well worth the time. I enjoy reading her posts; she's funny, heartwarming, and someone I look forward to getting to know better over time.

As this day ends, and the last day of the year begins, let me say that I hope everyone's year ends well, that you can all look back and see progress has been made in your lives, in your children's, in the change you wish to see happen (well, unless the change is woo, but I still respect you and wish you well!).

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Life as the mother of 4 said...

Thanks for your kind words. Happy New Year!