Toss up between who's the bigger ass: Harold Doherty or John Stone

I know I am supposed to be studying. I know that. And still. I take a break because, seriously, how much chemistry can one person stand in a day? And then I switch to A & P, and then I peak. I should NOT peak because then I want to do something about it, and I really should study. So, that makes me grumpy. You know? Makes me take a minute, when I want to take an hour,  to really, really go into it. Sigh. John Stone LOVES his ChildHealthSafety site and quotes it endlessly. I've already said I find looking at it icky. Come on. I'm not going to argue with him that he's a complete nutter and detail each and every way he's wrong. We know he is. Read enough of him. Read enough of that crap blog. Been on whale.to enough.

Spent enough time at the icky, is what I am saying right now. I check Huff, and John's responded to my post on there (an abbreviated version of the previous post, and I realize why Becky is inventive in her adjectives.

John Stone:


You may have noticed I posted this link in reply to another remark of yours:


Perhaps you didn't bother to read it: it is so much easier to have a strong opinion about something you haven't read. I am sure if you actually find any factual errors or unsourced material on ChildHealthSafety you won't hesitate to point it out.

Perhaps, I ought to mention websites which carry my writings when they come up, like BMJ, Arch Dis Child, PEDIATRICS, The Guardian, The Times of London, The Daily Telegraph, The Spectator, The New York Times, About Autism, Left-Brain/Right Brain...ot­herwise I might be guilty of an impropriety.

As it is, I am not sure whether kwombles really exists, and I am certain I don't know who mnmommy is with her prodigious 32 thousand posts on HuffPo."

Man's been interacting with me off and on for months on Huff, my damn Facebook picture is on there, you know all my identifying information is on the profile page, but I don't exist. Nice.

As to Doherty, gagh, I WILL get to his asshat-ery after Wednesday.

I will not peak. I will not peak.

Studying and grading papers are more important than dealing with anti-vaccine people who rewrite history to suit their skewed version of reality and folks who are in general asshats. There, Craig, I have gone beyond my typically restrained dumbass, chickenshit restraint. I have said that Doherty is an asshat. See, obscenities are no problem. Man, where's physioprof when you need him? And I will back that up why Doherty is an asshat on Wednesday. Promise. And I'll respond to your stuff, too. Promise.

As for now,  I will not peak, so Craig, let that Stone know I'm not peaking because I'm busy, okay? You could also tell him I am so very real.


cawill said...

I did :-)

KWombles said...

Thank you, Craig. :-) And now, I promise the chemistry and anatomy gods that I will be good. I will put the laptop away from me. I will study until chemistry and anatomy are coming out my ears for the next three days. Wednesday noon, though, well say 1 pm, because I think I will go buy me a chocolate cake as celebration, I will look. Until then, I really, really, really must behave and do what I am supposed to do.

Plus, those students get grumpy when their papers and tests aren't graded immediately and I have all of that to do, too.

No peaking. My fingers aren't crossed. I will be good.


Dawn said...

Hi, Craig. I hope you and your family are doing well and enjoying the start of the holiday season.

I left a comment on childhealth but if it doesn't go through it is paraphrased below for you to pass the message on:

Please tell John Stone that Bailey Banks was given financial compensation for having a PDD (Pervasive Developmental Delay) but NOT for having PDD-NOS, which is part of the autism spectrum. The words that the Special Master wrote are quite clear on that matter, and for John Stone to claim that he was given compensation for PDD-NOS is a lie.

The words of the Special Master (using the terms the family filed under) are:

"On 26 June 2002, the Petitioner filed a petition for compensation under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (Vaccine Act or Act)2 alleging that, as a result of the MMR vaccination received on 14 March 2000, his child, Bailey, suffered a seizure and Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (”ADEM”),3 which led to Pervasive Developmental Delay (”PDD”), a condition from which he continues to suffer (the “Petition”)."

In fact, the Master was very clear:

"Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) is a ’subthreshold’ condition in which some – but not all – features of autism or another explicitly identified Pervasive Developmental Disorder are identified. PDD-NOS is often incorrectly referred to as simply “PDD.” The term PDD refers to the class of conditions to which autism belongs. PDD is NOT itself a diagnosis, while PDD-NOS IS a diagnosis. The term Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS; also referred to as “atypical personality development,” “atypical PDD,” or “atypical autism”) is included in DSM-IV to encompass cases where there is marked impairment of social interaction, communication, and/or stereotyped behavior patterns or interest, but when full features for autism or another explicitly defined PDD are not met."

As one can tell from reading the ruling, the Master agrees that Bailey was probably injured by his MMR injection. However, the Master does NOT agree that it led to an autism disorder.

So, I would appreciate it if he would correct his posting on childhealth. My comment was awaiting moderation when I last checked.

davidbrown said...

I had run across a statement from the special master(s) denying that PDD-NOS is autism, in contrast with a GR ad which inserted "autism" parenthetically. Thanks for this more complete quote. (a link or other ref would help.

There is a great irony here: There is real, professional controversy about defining PDD-NOS. So, if Handley, Stone, et al were simply to argue "PDD-NOS=autism" as their OWN position, they would have a pretty strong case. But, it seems that they are more interested in unsubstantiated claims of coverups, "admissions", and personal dishonesty.

AutismNewsBeat said...

IIRC, the special master's decision was confusing and contained some typos.

What's important to know about the Bank decision is that the case was settled because it met the criteria for a table injury - but just barely. HHS medical professionals said there was no evidence linking ADEM to PDD, and did not think Banks had a case. But the HHS bureaucrats settled because there was no evidence that ADEM couldn't cause PDD.

That MMR and ADEM combine to create a table injury shows the difference between a legal and scientific
presumption of causation.

Only in vaccine court.

cawill said...

Dawn, thank you for the well wishes, and I hope that you and your family are having a pleasant holiday season as well.

I'm only just now getting acquainted with CHS. John Stone and I are also passing acquaintances, but if I get a chance to, I will certainly pass him your information.

Kim, good luck on your finals.

cawill said...

Dawn, your post is on the CHS site.

jypsy said...

I no longer comment on Mr. Doherty's blog, however today I broke that silence and posted a brief comment. It was approved at the same time as Mr. Mitchell's and appeared with Mr. Mitchell's and Mr. Doherty's comment directed at me.

My irony meter was blown to bits there, not by Mr. Doherty but by Mr. Mitchell and Anonymous.

KWombles said...

Thanks, Craig. I'll be glad to have them out of the way and get a break. One tomorrow and one Wednesday; then I'll have two sets of papers to grade and grades to tabulate for the last two of the three I'm teaching on Thursday and Friday. :-)

Jypsy, I haven't had any interaction with Harold before that I can recall, although I have read him out and about. He, Mitchell, and FW2 all seem have about the same tenor.

A facebook friend tagged me, Doherty and several others, asking about cures. I responded, and he attacked. Sigh. A blogpost for another day.

jypsy said...

I have (had interaction with Mr. Doherty before) and his comment to me today on his blog was *very* atypical. The fact my comment was posted was rather surprising to me, mostly my comments were not posted.

Dawn said...

Thanks, Craig. Hadn't gotten back to the CHS site. It's blocked at work and I just got home. Too tired to check.

My kids will be home in the next week or so, and I am looking forward to that.

@ David Brown: I got my quotes from Respectful Insolence this time (fastest way for me to find them) but I had read them previously when Neurodiversity.com had the links to the posted Master's decision. I would go back to the original but, I am too tired tonight. I will see if I can get to them tomorrow and post them.

Kim: hope your finals go well. My kids are in the throes of them too.

Dawn said...

@David Brown: sorry it took me so long to post the link. Wild week so far.

Here is the link to the Special Master's report: