Thelma and Louise Take a Good Look at Stagliano's Huff Piece on Offit

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It's a busy and honestly, scary, time for my family and me, with one brother's surgery down and tumor boy currently (and I mean currently) under the knife to remove his brain tumor (tumor boy is out of surgery and doing well). Thelma and Louise were chomping at the bit and offered to look at Stagliano's piece more closely for me. It'll have to do, Craig, for now, their dissection of it. Let's see if anyone else sees the comparison you offered (feel free to comment, deconstruct her piece, heck deconstruct Louise and Thelma, as well). I read her (Stagliano's) piece word for word but don't see what you did. However, it's far more likely that you cut her slack that I will not and that's probably because you share her viewpoint regarding vaccines and autism, whether or not you agree on everything. That and she's been there when you needed an ear. (You should know that I cut you slack I would not for her and that you also have my ear if you ever need it).

 It's a bad comparison she's made. Bad. And factually inaccurate yet again. However, I'll admit that right now everything tastes like ashes (bad week, although it's looking up). And autism and being abused by pedophiles are not at all comparable. At all. It's a huge disservice to both autistic people and to victims of sexual abuse. And to pin that to Offit is despicable. Just as bad as the Snyderman blowjob stunt. 

Heck, in for a penny. I will finish the deconstruction of the Stagliano piece below Louise and Thelma's take on it.


Well..dang it all, Miss Kim Stagliano keeps openin her mouth ...and she don't know what all she's doin! Iffen any of y'all are familiar with yesterdays photo on Aoa and her comment(she has since removed) Y'all will know what I'm sayin! Boy Howdy! Miss louise could teach her a thang or two. Thats for damn true!

Well Miss Stagliano-future author of"All I can handle-I'm no Mother Theresa"( a SELF PUBLISHED more than likely whine fest due out next fall) Has done written herself a piece on the Huffington Post. "DR. Paul Offit: Pope of the church of the immaculate vaccination" Why aint she clever? No wonder she's self published an all!

This dumbass has tha fool notion a comparin what happened to children in the Catholic Church ta vaccination! Well bounce my bosoms from here ta next Tuesday! I'm sayin how dare she! How dare she take the experiences a these young children an cheapen them. Just ta push her agenda..y'all know...smearin Dr. Paul Offit. She goes on ta say that a recent article in "wired" magazine by Amy Wallace (""Magazine of the digital future" writing about vaccination?"-pot kettle black Stagmom) was just a big press release ta make Dr. Offit"look like a heroic martyr". She also claims it makes anti-vaxxers look insane. Let me tell ya true Miss stagliano..y'all don't need an article in "Wired" magazine ta convince people! Y'all got AoA for that! Damn this gal is nuttier than a Snickers bar but a hell of a lot less tasty! Thats for damn true.I'll tell y'all something..this gal needs ta get one a them B12 pops she's always pushin..and shove it in her mouth..she needs ta practice...keepin her mouth shut!

Now I'm gonna let my Gal Thelma take on over fom here..She got lots ta say about Stagmom and David Kirby..and she can say it better than I can. Thats for true!


Lordy, Louise, I sure don't know that I can say it better, but I do know my poor old bosoms sure don't bounce as well. Now, that ain't ta say I cain't have a fair amount of fun decidin how ta wear em an all, both up, both down, one up, one down, or pointin ta opposite sides. Mamma H can make a pretzel with hers. Uh huh. One night she as a layin down and swore somethin was beneath her back. Ya'll know damn true what it was. She's misplaced a bosom behind her back on one side and her teeth on the other.

I was warmin ya'll up for the comin storm. Lissen here. This woman who thinks it's good fun ta put the nastiness of this image in front of readers:

From this piece of junk that she is no doubt proud of: "Dr. Nancy is under the table servicing Dr. Offit's RotaDick. Wait, can you hear her? "Fere If doh bontrobersy!!" Someone should tell her it's not polite to talk with your mouth full.Posted by: Stagmom November 29, 2009 at 10:10 PM" Well, not so proud of it that is still there. But she don't regret her words, so we ain't cuttin her no slack, short of the removal of that picture an an apology ta Dr Nancy.

Onto the piece of junk comparin, well hell, Kim at Counterin said it well: "You know, Offit doesn't state that vaccines are infallible. Just that they are far better than the diseases they prevent. Oh, and that they don't cause autism. It's disingenuous of you to suggest that he does. It's also offensive to suggest that Offit is akin to the pope and that vaccines are akin to pedophilia, which is what you are doing."


Now onto the Kim we ain't too thrilled with:

"The only digit here is Dr. Offit waving his middle finger at the vaccine safety community."

Ain't it somethin; she goes spewin her venom about all vaccines an she's gonna try ta recast AoA as the vaccine safety community. My fat ass she will. Ain't Kim an I done a fair amount a work connectin this Age of Fools to whale.to. They ain't about safe vaccines. They about wipin out the vaccines. They is connected with ChildHealthSafety, no doubt bout it. They connected to that Loe Fisher broad, as well. They is far from vaccines and promotin they be safe. They is all about scarin the shit out of people and eliminatin vaccines.

"No. Because Dr. Offit, as the Pope of the Church of the Immaculate Vaccination is going to continue to evangelize that vaccines are infallible. His skillful use of the media has made them the clergy who will protect his Church, even at the cost of children's health and future. Dr. Nancy Snyderman has been on TV daily berating Americans to get their H1N1 vaccine. She ended one interview by saying, "Forget the hysteria. Just get the damn vaccine!" When questioned by Matt Lauer about the vaccine/autism controversy, she replied, "There is no controversy Matt." Really? Check out Bill Maher's post Vaccines: A Conversation Worth Having with over 3000 comments."

Kim at Counterin got it straight. That man ain't arguin vaccines is infallible. What he is arguin is the science shows damn clear that there ain't no link between vaccines an autism. He ain't said, an he shoulda like Orac an Novella taken on that damn tomfoolery with the dystonia cheerleader, as well.

The media ain't his damn clergy, but ya sure suck with your analogies. I ain't seen a one yet made a bit of sense.

Ya really don't like a smart woman of science, do ya?

An Bill Maher an 3000 comments don't make a controversy. Godamighty. Scientists arguin over the issue would make a controversy, but a bunch of damn fools readin the wackaloons ya people read are exactly that: damn fools. No controversy there, for sure, is what I am sayin.

"The vitriol toward people who question vaccines or who report vaccine injury is startling. I had a commenter come into Age of Autism and tell us, "I hope you and all of your progeny die from otherwise easily preventable viral diseases.""

Are ya shittin me? Vitriol? Lordamighty, this woman takes the cake an then some. Let's just repeat her words again for vitriol: "Dr. Nancy is under the table servicing Dr. Offit's RotaDick. Wait, can you hear her? "Fere If doh bontrobersy!!" Someone should tell her it's not polite to talk with your mouth full.Posted by: Stagmom November 29, 2009 at 10:10 PM"

Nah, Thelma's gonna tell ya straight an true. Damn ship done sailed an the Age of Fools is off with it. Into the wild blue yonder as far as Thelma an Louise is concerned.

Age of Fools, its editors, its contributors, an many of its commentors ain't got no credibility left.



An all them other dumbasses I done found.

I'll be findin more, too, no doubt about it. We gonna take Age of Fools apart piece by piece, bit by bit, make em accountable for their words an their deeds. Good folks ain't gonna be able to stand by an dismiss their antics. Nope. Reckon Kim's got the right of it. Decent people wouldn't stand by them holocaust deniers and mind control believers. That'd make them dumbasses.

Ain't no vitriol to that, neither. Jus the plain hard facts. It's time these folks looked at some. Damn past time.

Reckon I skipped over that fool Kirby. We'll be back by ta take a pass at him in a later post.

Reckon Kim will be cross-postin this at Counterin. She said she would an appreciated us atakin this on since she's a bit busy, what with her two brothers' surgeries an tests an finals an all.

Having read the girls' take on it, I notice that they missed the closing gambit, so I will bring it home.

Stagliano writes:

It makes me wonder if Dr. Offit doesn't have biology on his side, the way the Catholic Church had two thousand years of respect and fear on its own.

Okay, I love to sit around and bs; that's no surprise, and I love to chat at length with friends, and argue over things (argue, not fight). Here Stagliano finishes her piece with a piece of speculation that is boggling.

Offit does not hold a position in medicine tantamount to the Pope's position. And Offit is certainly not the only doctor saying there is no link between vaccines and autism. The IOM is as well. They, being faceless, don't make quite as easy a target. Let's go a little further here, AoA's incessant need to harp on Offit has already crossed the line over to ridiculous. I mean, really, if all you're going to do is focus on Offit, change your name to Countering Offit. See, see what I did there? :-) Biology and the Catholic church: fear and respect, and apparently pedophilia.

"For as long as homo sapiens have walked the earth, until just about sixty years ago when vaccinations came into wide use, mothers and fathers buried as many or more children than they raised to young adulthood. Perhaps we're biologically programmed to want to protect our children to such a degree that unless we've been badly burned, we simply can not wrap our heads around the concept that the very medicine designed to save our children, so that we can raise them past infancy, could be causing harm."

Well, thank the Gods and the accidental cosmos that Stagliano acknowledges that vaccines have kept parents from burying most of their children. The rest of it is bunk. Sorry. We're "biologically programmed" to believe medicine can't cause harm? Twaddle. That's what this is. You know, if the medical establishment were denying that adverse reactions happened, maybe you'd have something, maybe (not with this particular flight of fancy, though), but they're not. What pisses you off is they're looking at the body of science that says there is no link between autism and vaccines.  And you know what you know and no one can tell you differently. Well, tough. Vaccine reactions do happen, and sometimes it's horrendous. I've covered this in detail as well. (On AoA, Stagliano comments and essentially reduces it to the 1900s when sanitation improved, thereby withdrawing her assertion that vaccines were beneficial).

"As long as magazines like Wired are willing to give Dr. Offit an open pulpit from which to preach, the gospel according to Paul will remain intact, and we members of the vaccine safety advocacy community will remain the heretics seated in the pews of the Church of the Poisoned Mind."

Seriously, you've set yourself up that this is you against Offit? Poisoned Mind is right, though.

Amy Yasko
Barbara Loe Fisher

We haven't even touched the surface of the anti-vaccination movement, and the truth is that the level of sheer lunacy out there makes AoA look like a poster child for the almost reasonable.

Corina commented on another post that while this blog is about countering AoA, we (essentially) have bigger fish to fry. We do. And we will. Age of Autism is the tip of the iceberg.

***Stagliano is being published by Skyhorse Publishing, which is a small publishing house that requires prospective authors to provide "Market analysis, including competitive research" in the query letter.*** So, perhaps not self-published.

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