Respect for Infinite Diversity

Countering exists to counter misinformation about autism, about woo, to directly address Age of Autism posts and beyond. I take on a lot of stuff here, and I've integrated some of the more personal stuff, as well. It's become a little bit of everything, and perhaps a better overall name would be something along the lines of "Standing: No Woo." I don't know. It's something that I regularly review and so far, I've not reached the level where I think it's time to change that name.Maybe, though,  it's getting to where there will be a need for a name change. Maybe not. Ya'll could weigh in on that in the comments.

In the meantime, I'm announcing the launch of a new venture between Thelma and Louise and Kathleen and me called Respect For Infinite Diversity. Please go read my first post explaining our mission, our ideas for helping bring real and immediate assistance to those who are disabled and in need. It isn't just about autism; it sure isn't about the causes, or the woo, or a lot of what I spend time on here. It is about what the four of us really care about: helping those who need help. Listening to those in crisis and showing we care.

Help us make this a reality. Spread it far and wide and share your ideas, your hopes, your needs. Let's see if we can't make a difference.


Stephanie Lynn Keil said...

I'm looking forward to this!

Louise said...

Stephanie darlin! We are so lookin forward ta seein more of you!