On the plus side, AoA admits Offit only made about 6 million instead of 29

Confirmed:  Age of Autism's editors and contributors are, indeed, hot-hot-hot for Offit.

Long drawn out backhanded way of saying you frakked with the numbers, Olmsted. Of course, you don't say your sorrow and you make it clear you don't think it was your fault, and then you obfuscate it all to hell and back with graphs and tables and allegations that he's getting money elsewhere and he's still rich, blah blah blah.

You don't correct the misconceptions you've intentionally promoted regarding his rotavirus vaccine and the one that was pulled.

You muddy the waters more and surely at this point you are boring even some of your staunchest supporters with the (I gotta do it, I tried to think of another way and then said, meh) hardon ya'll have going for Offit. How many times you gonna cover him in a week? Is Handley up next?

Hell, even I don't write exclusively about Age of Autism. I mix it up some, you know? Find other bits to write about.

How the hell is Offit relevant to autism news? Are you reporting news over there or are you fixated on Offit, hungry with jealousy because he devoted his life to science and invented something that has netted him a level of financial indepedence you envy and that also happens to have helped people and saved lives?

And the next article is about the H1N1 and some guy connected with the "Pharma Mafia." WTF?

If they are an autism newspaper, where's the coverage of the sad story of the autistic boy who died in Canada yesterday after two days in the elements? It's not there. Where are all the stories about new studies, or stories about some of the difficulties autistic adults face? Where is the information on services that are available for families and autistic individuals?

Where's the objective stance?

Not a newspaper. Not interested in autistic individuals unless they support the vaccine-autism link. Not interested in anything outside their very narrow focus that all the bad they think has happened to them is the result of vaccines and, OMG, the "Pharma Mafia."

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Mom26children said...

My question to AoA would be..
have they dug into the pockets of their beloved "curebie crew" to see how much they pocket each year?
Nah, that would be real news...