Nightstorm the Aspiewolf's Art

Nightstorm the Aspiewolf, like Corina, like so many of the wonderful friends I've made on the internet this last year, many of whom are autistic, is creative and artistically talented. She writes about Tikaani and Rahmet from Avatar the Last Airbender universe at the beginning of most of her posts.

"Whole World

 My autistic boy Tikaani, mascot of Prismsong. Safely sleeping"


One of my dragon people, the drakkhani."


Rahmet, Tikaani's cousin. Shame is what keeps us clothed sometimes. "

If you would like to have your work, fiction, or art showcased here (or on Respect for Infinite Diversity) and on permanent display to the right, please email me at wombles@sbcglobal.net. Let this blog stand as a countering to Age of Autism in as many ways as possible.

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