When all else fails and you don't want to deal with the argument being made....

"Oh, Kim; that is extremely disappointing. The blogsite you linked is riddled with personal attacks and insulting language in similar or worse taste as you accuse Ms. Stagliano of. But you're ok with it and think Ms. Stagliano's comments are in poor taste? Come on!" --Craig taking me to task for posting the link to Becky's blog showing that John Stone is running the ChildHealthSafety blog.

My comment:

Craig, what was interesting about that, leave aside the namecalling (after all, if you don't mind holocaust denial), was the allegation that ChildHealthSafety is John Stone's blog.

And seriously, have you read some of your comments? Have you? Have you really? Until you're the bastion of decency and sweetness and lightness, until you assert that posting on a site that believes the holocaust didn't happen and mind control is real is not okay, you really don't have the credibility to stand on.
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Gosh, Craig, if you're good with Kim Stagliano, Handley, and company, along with all that baggage: whale.to and ChildHealthSafety, who am I to judge someone who's not too fond of John Stone? Especially when there's legit info. At least there's LEGITIMATE information!


AutismNewsBeat said...

It's a good that Craig can focus his disappointment on others, otherwise he'd have to do the whole "personal inventory" thing.

AutismNewsBeat said...

I'm sure that Craig's son suffered seizures (or severe pain? hard to tell) But I'm not so sure that he exactly remembers everything. Few of us ever do.

And why would not vaccinating draw the attention of Child Protective Services? And how can we be sure that his daughter have had both mumps and measles? Could she have had roseola and then some other infection he thought was mumps? Can we be sure that Craig knows what they really look like? Asking these questions is not the same as calling someone a liar. Not in the real world.

Craig's statute of limitations claim is questionable, too. Are we to believe he missed the whole "MMR causes autism" thing? Could it be that there is a neurologist report somewhere that would give a lawyer pause when asked to take the case?

cawill said...
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