Folks arguing at Huff that babies shouldn't get the same H1N1 vaccine dose

Ummm, they don't. It's amazing what two minutes of googling reputable sites will net you.

0.25mL prefilled syringe, 6–35 mos TIV* Fluzone Sanofi Pasteur


For H1N1 Inactivated*

Sanofi Pasteur

0.25 mL prefilled syringe

0 Mercury

6--35 mos


An adult gets 5.0mL. Big difference, don't you think?
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AutismNewsBeat said...

It's an alternative universe over there.

cawill said...

And in your head

KWombles said...

Cute, comeback. However let's note the substance of the post for a moment. One of the anti-vaxxers (and she's proud of it) says everyone gets the same dose, and in a five minute search, I show not true. Also, note that it didn't get on to the Huff piece.

But you ignore that. Interesting, don't you think?

cawill said...

Yes, Kim, but are ALL vaccines adjusted for dosage by weight?

Again, not ignored...just felt that another quick 5 minute search would find that her comment was not entirely untrue.

KWombles said...

She wasn't talking about all vaccines. She was talking about H1N1.

You seem to be overly picky on some things and really lax on others, when it comes to factual information.

AutismNewsBeat said...

The reason that not all vaccines are adjusted for dosage by weight is because doctors are trying to kill children so they can be stuffed with stale bread and onions and served on Thanksgiving Day to pharmaceutical company operatives and journalists.