ChildHealthSafety and John Stone: Having fun tag-teaming on Huff

I posted "ChildHealthSafety: nearly as bad as whale.to," which led to several comments that have me nearly rolling.

I should:

"Engage with the content, darling."
Then John Stone: "So, what's wrong on ChildHealthSafety? Please point to any factual errors, and document. Just saying the site is no good is a pathetic cop-out"
Then ChildHealthSafety: "Wassamatta kwombles - unable to contest concerning information about the safety and health of children you attack the source.

That is the typical approach of zealous disciples of the vaccinology religion to attack and disparage."

My response:

 Interesting: http://jabsloonies.blogspot.com/2009/03/lies-misrepresentation-and-abuse.html


Oh, and I have dealt with the content of ChildHealthSafety. So has my friend Thelma.
About Autism
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Who knew I was one of the "zealous disciples of the vaccinology religion"? Damn, I thought  I was a crazed squirrrel!

Yup, I think we've got a group here who might just be reaching cult status.

My bad: ChildHealthSafety: as bas as whale.to and just as wrong.

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