Dr. Paul Offit: Pope Of The Church Of The Immaculate Vaccination

You know, Offit doesn't state that vaccines are infallible. Just that they are far better than the diseases they prevent. Oh, and that they don't cause autism. It's disingenuous of you to suggest that he does. It's also offensive to suggest that Offit is akin to the pope and that vaccines are akin to pedophilia, which is what you are doing.
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Mom26children said...

AoA and it's followers do not care about Dr. Offit's message, just that they have someone to bully excites the heck out of them.
They don't have the integrity to stand behind their "science", so they stand behind their propaganda.
Like I have stated before...

Yyyaaaawwwwnnnn...big stretch....

Tomorrow AoA will have the same story to tell..they will have the same old posts to reprint and they will have the same commenters commenting...
They will be bashing the same people and patting each other on the same backs.
I hope, for their children's sake, they will let go of the same anger very soon. Anger is very hard on a person.