Do you ever read something and just go, huh?

I do a lot of that. I'll admit that my children's hyperliteralness is wearing off on me. That, and since I don't engage in subterfuge much, it takes a certain kind of kickstart to get me to think of things in that way. I may hold my tongue at times in the real world, work to find a tactful way to say something that needs to be said if I have to, but I don't say things I don't mean. Okay, sometimes I am sarcastic, but that is glaringly obvious; so I only say things I don't mean when I am being sarcastic, but then it's so obvious all three of my kids and my husband know I'm being sarcastic. The bright boy even says, "You're being sarcastic, aren't you, Mom?" To which I will reply, "No." Confuses him everytime. At least until I grin. Then we're good. But you catch my drift; I'm pretty blunt. I try to remember the person and the feelings and all that mushy stuff, so I try not to do things out of meanness. We all know I will call a dumbass a dumbass, though. With respect. Not due respect, because when you say that you mean no respect at all. I ramble....

Now, it's been a week of that, me reading something, and going, huh? Missing undertones because I'm doing forty bazillion things at once. Seriously. I have 7 webpages open right now, a word doc and an excel file. And I'm going back and forth between it all as I work to get some grading done while taking quick peeks, all before, you guessed it, diving back into the chemistry and anatomy. Have I mentioned that I'm tired of all the studying?  New ground. I want to break new ground. That, and it's way more fun to blog and chase around for folks to annoy. ;-)

So, there've been a series of exchanges on this blog that have left me perplexed, but I won't get into that. I just which  wish folks could play nice and all. After all, if I can have civil exchanges with Best, come on....

And then there's the whole Doherty thing. Ya'll vote over there (on the right), so Wednesday after the chem final is over, the chocolate cake is in hand, I know how far ya'll think I should go. Just my posts, some of his, use some of his similar comments elsewhere to illustrate the representative asshat-ery (ya think there should be two t's there? hattery?)? Let me know, okay? If you wrote in response to someone's note on his/her facebook page, would you have an expectation of privacy? I personally don't. I think once you use facebook as a networking system and friend people you haven't actually met in the real world, and you're using it to connect with  a  online social network (autism culture in general), there should be the awareness that your words are in no way private.  Still, you want to try to protect folks and not go out of your way to hurt them. I'm a little conflicted. If this were on a group page, that, I think, would be fair game. But this is a third person's note, which is not public.  So, less than three dozen people can see the comments. I could use the feedback.

Then there's the Stone thing over at the Huff. Craig was nice, explained that another poster and I were different people.

I had commented (see previous post):

“Yes, John, my face obviously is a decoy. And the fact that it's my name, and that my profile has my web links on it; all of these work to prove that I am not real.”

Stone comes back today and responds:


That's great news - I am heartily relieved.”

Huh? That I am real; ignoring my sarcasm? Or giving the sarcasm back; relieved that I am a decoy and not real?

Ya'll weigh in below. And, I, I will go back to the 40 bazillion other things I have to do. A & P final tomorrow morning and the dreaded chem on Wednesday morning.  Sigh.


Clay said...

In regard to comments emitted by Doherty or Stone, the correct word is "asshattery". The term "asshatery" would apply to comments made by someone who hates ass. ;-)

A comment, when you give links to things, the link is not apparent, it doesn't show up as a different color, so I can't see that it's there. In most other blogs, they do show up. Also, you give a link to my blog, but there are no words there. Whassup wit' dat?

KWombles said...

Clay, the links show up black on my browser, with the rest of the text a dark green.

When I click the link on this, your page comes up with words:

Comet's Corner
"When you lose control of your temper, you just lose control. You lose your dignity and the respect of others. We won't have that here. It's dangerous for everyone and bad for morale." Clay

His blog:

And on the blogroll as well. Is there another spot where I've linked but I'm just not seeing it?

I'll see if I can adjust the text colors so that it's more clear where the links are.

Anyone else having that problem?

Stephanie Lynn Keil said...

It's strange to be told you don't really exist via the internet. I've been told this before and yet, here I am, sitting at my laptop, typing in my bedroom, existing, telling the truth yet having people who have never met me or anyone who knows me tell me that I don't really exist.


kathleen said...

"someone who hates ass" That made me laugh..I have the same problem with literal thinking at times as well..sigh, I always feel like a doofus when I figure it out..My most embarrasing thig was the term "euthinasia"...I was 18, I hadn't seen it written down, just heard people debating on the topic...for the longest time I could not figure out why so many people were discussing kids in Asia!

Calling out dumbasses is a skill. I think that you do it with class. Further, you cite your sources, back up what you say, and if by chance (small) you make a mistake-you have no problem admitting it-good stuff.
Some of the undertones this week were silly. They had no place being on your blog. There are people who come here for discussion and information. If they want verbal wrestling, they can watch "survivor" If people disagree with each other-fine. But when the argument has nothing whatsoever to do with your post-they ought to respect you and take it elsewhere.
As for Stones response...he's a weenie head.

Corina Becker said...

When you post comments, put up blog entries and generally say anything that even has the slightest chances of being read by someone you don't know, especially on the Internet, it's public and fair game.

What you post on the Internet is public. Period.

In some cases, I'd even include e-mail. Yeah, sure, it's your email, but unless someone says that the contents of the email is private and confidential, I consider myself at liberty to publicly post the contents.

I have actually done this. Someone emailed me says that I (and others like me, apparently) don't acknowledge that his opinion exists. So I posted it on my blogs. (How's that for acknowledging it exists?)

But yeah, I'd have to say that the term is asshattery. Spellchecker doesn't like it either way, but like Clay said, asshatery looks like someone who hates asses.

Clay said...

Ah, Corina, I thought you were ignoring me or something. I met you on AWA, we have some of the same 'friends', but of your 11,111 + tweets, only a very few were to me, and one of them was sent by somebody who had hacked your account. And, I'm not on your blog roll, but you've been on mine for quite a while. If you read my blog, you've never posted, so I'm getting some kind of "complex". ;-)

Squillo said...

Anything you post online in a forum that can be seen by a 3rd party is fair game. No notice or permission needed in order to quote from it, although it is common courtesy to link back or otherwise let the subject know.

E-mails, pvt. messages and written correspondence become the property of the recipient (not necessarily legally--that has to do with the owner of the network, I believe), who can decide whether or not to make them public. It is courteous--although not necessary--for the recipient to ask permission of the writer before quoting or otherwise making the contents of said correspondence public.