A Brief Break from Chem to go into the Lion's Den

John Stone writes at Huff:


If you had actually read the CHS site you would know my name appears on columns. Your knowledge of the CHS is not first hand, and you seem to be getting your information about it from an abusive and obscene site, which you trust. It is a poor show."
I had to edit my comment to him on Huff to get it to fit, so here is my expanded comment:

John, I have, unfortunately spent time at CHS. I find, actually, AoA's layout to be far easier on the eye. Becky's site actually doesn't seem to cover much on CHS, but noted who ran it. She seems far more concerned with something called JABS. I take it, though, that you and Clifford appear on that forum. Honestly not kidding when I say I do not look at much of the vaccines cause autism and are worse than the diseases crowd than AoA and the Huff pieces, although you keep referring to CHS as if you had no affiliation to it; this is the first I've seen you admit. Now, true, perhaps you do so on forums I never read, but when you don't acknowledge your connection on your posts here and refer to it as an independent third party you have no affiliation with, well, that smacks of something.

In searching your name, there's one hit which is childhealthsafety thanking you for your assistance on Jan 28th; it is only through clicking each article that your name, johndstone, comes up, and it comes up on few articles that I can find: July 31st, July 9th. It's entirely reasonable for someone who has navigated more of that site than one wanted to to miss those two posts.

And the contributors' names and information are not accessible, nor is the agenda, which I take to be to scare the crap out of folks and convince them that vaccines are indeed, the root to all evil.

After all, some of your readers seem to think that these infectious diseases can be dealt with without vaccines, by prevention (um, gosh, handwashing is working really well on the colds and flu) and that no one need die because medical care can save em all. This is bunk and CHS and AoA are directly responsible for vulnerable people reading the misinformation provided and not vaccinating. When people die from vaccine-preventable deaths, will you own it?

My suspicion is you will not. Nor will AoA.
And, on another note: whale.to sure likes you, or you like it as you've got your own page full of links:
Interesting. I take it that Becky knows you well from JABS. If I didn't already deal with enough anti-vax lunacy with what I already read, I'd be tempted, almost, to take a look-see.
Ah well.
And now, I suppose, I will hit the books. :-) Thanks for the break, John Stone. It was kind of icky, really, but not nearly as bad as venturing into Kathy Blanco's woo site.
On another note, I believe I like Moffie a great deal more than Doybia. Moffie was at least fun. Nuttier than hell, but not arrogant.

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