300th Post and a Preview of a T and L Post

Ta da! 300 posts! Cool. :-) Here's to 300 more, and then many more over the years to come!

And what better way to celebrate than to preview a little bit of a post by Thelma and Louise? There are no bouncing bosoms in the piece, surprisingly enough for them, although there is mention of fussy bosoms. It is an interesting piece about the faultiness of memory. And while they don't directly mention it, it is about group polarization and how belonging to a group can make individual's positions on the subjects related to the group's interest more polarized, more extreme than they initially were.

Give it a look, offer them some comments. The ladies tell me they've been feeling a little lonely as of late. To whet your appetite further (the entire piece, including the introductory paragraph may be read at T and L's):

Now, I'm gonna share this story, and Louise's gonna weave in the tale of Jenny McCarthy of the fartin poopin and indigo child fame an mayhap we'll be able ta share somethin of value, a cautionary tale as it were.

Here in Stinky Creek, ain't none of us above average, no, I reckon we is an anti-Wobegon sort of place. We make do with what we got, but we all admit we got some real obstacles standin in our way. Used ta we'd pony up an get together in a time of need an be of assistance ta each other, help out however we could. Of course, that was for the interwebz and satellite cable came ta our parts of the woods. Shewey, it's been a mess ever since, I gotta tell ya.

Used ta be, folks who had themselves a child with a few extra issues could count on kin an friends ta stand for em, help em out, an ta look with love on tha child. Now ifn it were deemed that tha mom an dad were futzin the job, the preacher an the prinicipal would call on Louise an me ta go round an have a come ta T an L meetin. It's worse than a come ta Jesus meetin for sure is what I am sayin. Jus in case ya was a wonderin.


kathleen said...

ooh just went to T and L, someones in trouble!

Louise said...

Well bind my bosoms Miss Kim! Me and Thelma, we found ourselves one confused parent. Sayin one thing an two months later sayin another! Iffen that aint enough we got tha both parents contradictin each other an such! Dang shame iffen it were on purpose-thats for damn true!

Thelma said...

Reckon folks are restin in late on a Sunday mornin. Cain't say I blame em none.

We'll have ta visit an such until they join in the fun.

Kim done left out the best bits of the tale. It's a doozy, for sure.