Utter Lunacy

A couple days ago, Kim Stagliano decided to up the histrionics on her site, what with the burning house and the throwing of kids. You know, her usual overdose of hyperbole and her tendency to go with the martyrdom route: why, why does it bother you that we want to experiment on our children with HBOT, chelation, lupron, nicotine patches, IVIG, megadoses of vitamins and minerals, and pot? Why could you possibly care, you trolls and sheoples who are working for big pharma? Gads. I read it and couldn't deal with it at the time. That's okay, though; there are folks out there who see the same victim-woe-is-me crap and take it head on. LBRB took it on in a post called "Age of Autism to Autism Families: Make your children suffer". Orac refers to it in his "The anti-vaccine "biomed" movement: Hijacking legitimate scientific research".

Bad as Stagliano's analogy is, the comments are worse. Referring to the LBRB discussion of the martyr message Stagliano' conveying, one AoA commenter writes:

"They hate our children and they will do ANYTHING to protect the vaccine industry and try to confound our efforts to push research FORWARD into the clinics to help our kids."

What can you say to this kind of comment, to Stagliano's absurd inability to really examine the evidence and her incessant need to go past the edge of sanity, other than utter lunacy?

This is not about the vaccine industry and protecting it.
This isn't about preventing autistic children from receiving appropriate and safe interventions.
This isn't about not treating real medical conditions with science-based medicine.

Here's what this is about:

Protecting a vulnerable population from unethical and dangerous medical experimentation.
Protecting parents from being sucked into the woo vortex.
Providing evidence-based information to parents so that they can make reasonable, rational and responsible decisions regarding their children's medical care.


Joseph said...

I know why I care, personally. I don't want a teacher or relative to try to push the latest woo fad on me yet again. This stuff needs to be exposed in a very public way for what it is.

Now, if there are children being chemically castrated, getting spinal cord stem cell injections, being killed by chelation, why wouldn't you care? It's a wonder child protective services doesn't seem to care.

It's a start that someone in the media has taken notice. Hopefully the proper authorities will as well.

AutismNewsBeat said...

Child Protective Services also doesn't care if you vaccinate your children or not.

davidbrown said...

It's especially curious CPS hasn't cracked down on Lupron, because it's misuse has been prosecuted as child abuse. If/when they enforce this precedent, the Geiers will go to jail for the rest of their lives. We can do our part by filing complaints with CPS and medical disciplinary boards.

Nostrum said...

I cringe at testimonials where they describe doing all those things. It just sounds like torture to me.

kathleen said...

It is horrifying! And yet-when you try and discuss-try to rationalize, to reason..it is like slamming your head against a wall. I question Staglianos motives behind that absurd post. Because using lupron, I.V. chelation-that is like throwing your children into the flames. Aoa is all about the parents, all about the guilt, all about the victimhood-all disguised under "We are doing anything-because we care so much" Bullshit.

Mom26children said...

That "burning house" analogy did not sit well with me at all.
I look at my children and do not seem them as a burden or broken.
They have all gone from severely autistic to functional and some even to undetectable from their peers....all without biomedical intervention.
I hope the parents who dwell in the "hatred" of autism find peace. All that anger cannot be good for a person.
Happy Thanksgiving !!!

KWombles said...

"It isn't just the mercury in the vaccines it's the glutamate and now the aluminum. Maybe other things too in allergic kids, and overstressed immune systems. It may even been Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the shot experience itself. We are very sensitive." http://www.ageofautism.com/2009/11/mainstream-media-to-autism-families-let-your-children-burn.html

You don't get PTSD from a shot. Good grief. The rest of it is worse, proving I chose a good title for this piece.

Jeanette, :-). Been missing you. Happy Thanksgiving (to all).

cawill said...


In Texas, CPS has to investigate ANY claim they feel is legitimate, including claims of endangerment due to non-vaccination.

And yes, they can call CPS fpr refusal to vaccinate. There was a couple in Colorado a few years ago who had their newborn taken from them because they refused to give the child the HepB shot (I'm still looking for the story; I will post as soon as I find it).