Thelma and Louise invite folks to drop by EDHF on Thanksgiving

Eatin tha bird-not flippin it (by Louise)

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends! Boy howdy me and my gal Thelma gots lots to be Thankful for an such! Tommorrow we is havin an open house with Mamma H...and we would like y'all to stop by and say hey! Folks around Stink Creek will be droppin by..We got us a couple a laptops set up around the trailer..so ya never know who might be chattin an all. So come on by for some pie and coffee when ya git a chance. We'd love ta have ya! Thats for true.

Me an Thelma is loosinin up tha rules a bit. Anyone wants ta come is welcome-ya just got ta be respectful a each other-ya ken me? So Roger darlin..iffen yer wantin ta come discuss yer latest movement an all, I'm sure there be someun interested an all..An Lurker, I'm sure ya got somethin ta be thankful for-so come on by an share it! This is a day a love an respect..an bein thankful we has got all that we does! Drop in anytime..we is sure lookin forward ta seein y'all!