Standing Up From the Table and Saying Enough

"Dr. Nancy is under the table servicing Dr. Offit's RotaDick. Wait, can you hear her? "Fere If doh bontrobersy!!" Someone should tell her it's not polite to talk with your mouth full.

Posted by: Stagmom
November 29, 2009 at 10:10 PM"

Go ahead, click the link, see the photoshopped picture. Read the civil and decent comments by parents who just want to do right by their kids. Mh-hmmm.

I've said it before:
As to Olmted's last bit of that line: "grasp of the truth is much stronger and harder-won than yours." No. Olmsted wrote that AoA was going to follow the truth wherever it led. I believe I have demonstrated quite well over the last several months that this is not at all true.

And having autistic children doesn't make your truth harder-won. For frak sake, that's like saying your child is your science. It demonstrates your ignorance of the truth, of scientific evidence, of psychological fallacies. You keep making the same errors over and over. You spiral into a cesspool of nastiness and hold yourselves up as morally superior and smarter because you see the truth. You are becoming a cult.

No, I quibble completely with the idea that you are "smart, well-informed and decent people whose grasp of the truth is much stronger and harder-won than yours." You are angry, hostile parents who are hurting. You believe with a fervor bordering on fanatical that you have the answers of autism. You are so close to being just like John Best Jr, on the whole, that soon no one other than your most zealous followers will afford you any weight.

Again, whale.to and holocaust denial. That's who you people are. You aren't in it for the truth. You aren't in it to make the world a better place for your children. You aren't in it for your children, despite what you think, or you'd treat autistic adults a damn sight better and you wouldn't engage in bullying.

And I grow weary that the smart, decent people amongst you do not stand against the lies and abuse. Ideology drives this, not the pursuit for truth.

You cannot be a person of good conscience and stand for this. You cannot be a person of decency and think this acceptable behavior. If you align yourself with AoA after all that they have put out there, and at this point I am not talking about their more extreme commenters, I'm talking about their leadership (that's the managing editor up there, on par with Handley's intellectual rape gambit), then you get stuck with all that being associated and supporting that agenda brings. You do not get to say you're after civility in disagreement over the vaccine controversy. You do not get to wrap yourself in the mantra of being a parent of a vaccine-damaged kid who just wants to recover the child (bad as that is). The truth is far different than AoA presents. And it is they who will have deaths on their hands. And misery and suffering.

So, stand with them if that is what you are after, but don't pretend to be after the truth after this little bit. This wasn't humor on their part. It was vitriol.


Mom26children said...

Pathetic and juvenile is what I think of the picture and the comments.
What was the point of the picture?
As far as the comment from Kim Stagliano....I have come to expect nothing better from her.
I also expected them to come to their senses and take down the picture and the comments. I am really glad they didn't.
I wonder what Dr. Offit, Alison Singer, and Nancy Snyderman's lawyers are going to say about it.
Glad I saved a copy of it and the comments too.

kathleen said...

Wow..I looked at that picture and those comments..especially Staglianos-and I think about the parents who have shared stories-like Craig. It makes a mockery of their experiences-of their children. For what purpose-and at what cost?

AutismNewsBeat said...

"Fere If doh bontrobersy"

This is all wrong. Fricative articulations, such as the B and F sounds, are not possible under the circumstances imagined by Kim. It would sound more like "Air ik go gonkaherky."

Mom26children said...

AoA has that whole "shock jock" mentality that I personally dislike.
To each his own, I guess...but,
I truly do find this post went waaayyy over the line.
I would imagine that the less hard-core AoA groupies are a bit offended by it also.
Of course, this is the same group that thinks Jenny McCarthy is some kind of intellectual genius!!

Stephanie Lynn Keil said...

Can you tell me what you think of this?

I need someone who is better at evaluating articles and science than I am.

CrysAM said...

Well isn't that just ~classy~.

KWombles said...


I'll be happy to when the actual study is released; it's never sufficient to look at the abstract and draw any conclusions. :-)

Mom26children said...

Mark Blaxill wrote how he thought people should calm down, because they are "just a blog"...
good to know I do not have to take AoA as a serious news source now...just a blog.
I liken it to Mad Magazine...

Corina Becker said...

Took a look at the comments.

These people are supposed to be PARENTS????????

They need the typing/online equivalent to having their mouths washed with soap. Really.

turnerandkowalski said...

LOL, Corina!
My thoughts exactly.
The vulgarity of stagmom boggles the mind, and now I'm also slightly confused, is stagmom Kim Stagliano? (Say it ain't so, she cannot possibly be that awful?)

There was also this asinine comment by Bensismum, or whatever she's called where she compares autism with Dachau, Hiroshima and Napalm... (again!)
Doesn't she realize that one day Ben will laugh (or squirm) at his mum's childish histrionics?


KWombles said...

Stagmom is Kim Stagliano. Isn't it such a nice picture she'll present to her daughters should they ever get the chance to read their mother's words: that whenever a woman disagrees with AoA's conclusions she must have been sexually coerced or forced into it? How demeaning to women is that? I guess we know Stagliano is not a feminist!

davidbrown said...

Stephanie Lyn Keil,
Just judging from your link, I can say off the top of my head that the "genetics" of mercury toxicity must boil down to a question of the notorious "nature v. nurture" variety. I can't imagine there being anywhere near enough data and theory to address this question, therefore the authors of this paper have no foundation to build upon.

Also, it looks like this is another "neurotoxicology" publication. I have written a letter of complaint to this journal over their "publication" of a Wakefield paper. I suspect that Wakefield and associates are using inside connections to get their work considered by this journal, and if it doesn't stop I believe the journal should literally be boycotted out of existence.

Mom26children said...

The people they portray in the hideous photoshopped picture have more class in their fingernail than any of the classless editors over at AoA.
I have reeled about this since seeing it last night.
I am thankful that I have a job and could not obsess over this all day.
I am really, really concerned about the sanity of these people.

KWombles said...

Kim Stagliano's comment that starts this piece is now gone from the site. Interesting. But far too late.

Mom26children said...

I have a copy of her comment...as if she thought it would just go away!!!

Joseph said...

I think this is the big public tantrum we were expecting would occur one day. The Wired and Chicago Tribune articles must have triggered it finally.

AutismNewsBeat said...

AoA's strategy depends on fooling the public with a fact-free narrative. Wallace and Tsouderos threw a big old monkey wrench in those plans.

There's evidence that AoA's been losing membership, as more parents become disillusioned by the tantrums and the lies. Kimmy's call for "thousands of emails" to Tsouderos fell short by, well, thousands.

Sullivan said...

They pulled the piece.

They should apologize, but this is a good first step.

cawill said...
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AutismNewsBeat said...

You stay classy, Craig.