Since AoA admits it's just a blog, it doesn't need to be on the Google News feed, does it?

Here's what I'm hoping for, folks: a letter-writing campaign of the internet variety. Age of Autism comes up in the google news feed whenever someone enters autism as a search term. Since they've admitted they are an edgy blog, they don't really need to come up as NEWS, do they?

So, let's tell Google News all about it!

Just click here: http://www.google.com/support/news_pub/bin/request.py?contact_type=report_an_issue and fill out a quick form.

Don't forget to place this url for the one we're concerned about: http://www.ageofautism.com/2009/11/pass-the-maalox-an-aoa-thanksgiving-nightmare.html

In the comment section I placed: "For our friends who object, I'm not sure I would have chosen the image of the baby myself, but chill out a bit folks: we're a blog, for chrissakes; it's our job to be edgy." by Mark Blaxill, editor at large, in the comments section.

Offer your protest of AoA's latest shenanigans by filling out the google news form (problem with content).



Ed said...

I'll help. That shouldn't be considered news like it included journalism or at least not responsible journalism.

I haven't done this before. Do they want a brief description of the complaint? I'll try and figure it out but any more instruction you can give as to how to do it would be helpful. Thanks. :)

Ed said...

OK never mind. I figured it out and submitted a complaint. This is a good idea. I hope more people will do this.

davidbrown said...

My dad is in computers, and he says that google openly sells rankings (ie 1st appearance) in searches. If AoA is coming up, it's because they paid for it. But,maybe we can push their rates up.

KWombles said...

Glad you were able to figure it out, Ed. :-)

KWombles said...

David, if that's true, then, yes, let's hope so. The baby-dinner ought to be expensive.

St said...

I've sent a link to this story out to the members of the facebook group, Dr. Paul Offit Saves Lives after a member linked it for us. There is no reason this should be included as a news.

daedalus2u said...


Mom26children said...

I just had a thought...I know, hard to believe...yet...
AoA cannot stand behind the first amendment because it is a blog..not a news publication.
I would sue the pants off of them if I was anyone depicted in that picture...
and I would find liable again Stagmom if I was Dr. Nancy.
Just sayin'
Let's see how quickly they recant that horrible piece.

quay said...

I left the comment:

'I was shocked to find out that "Age of Autism" is considered a news site within Google News. It is an obviously biased blog devoted to the (scientifically invalid) relationship of vaccines and Autism. As far as I can tell, it frequently makes highly offensive statements about others in the science and news community who happen to disagree with them. There is simply no place for this site to be a result for concerned parents and others looking for information about autism. The information they will find there is medically and scientifically invalid, and often is specifically about harmful treatments not accepted by the Autistic community (such as chelation therapy).

Thank you,
Joshua DeWald'

@Mom26Children - The 1st amendment applies to anyone (especially bloggers). If anything, a news organization would be expected to uphold some standard of objectivity, which AoA definitely doesn't do.

turnerandkowalski said...

I reported the site as well, here's what I wrote:
"As an autistic citizen I don't want websites that portray autistics as a turkey dinner to be on Google news.
The AoA website is not a news site, it also spreads hatred and bigotry towards people with disabilities and provides false information about autism."

kathleen said...

Me too! what everyone else said!

Mom26children said...

This is the latest comment from Stagmom:

Well, Steve, here's my thinking. If those FEMA employees told the families that there was no hurricane, and that no one drowned, and that water is always safe and then formed non profits to spread that message and then mandated that everyone build their house in the flood plain during hurricane season and then planted article after article in the media saying there was no hurricane and that no one drowned, I could easily see a photo of a FEMA employee drowning someone. I'll bet there were many cartoons after Katrina that were satirical - vicious even - and based in truth. Thanks for commenting. KIM
Posted by: Stagmom | December 01, 2009 at 07:01 PM

She just does not know when to call it a day, does she????

davidbrown said...

This afternoon and evening, I filed 30 complaints with Google news.
I made a point to include a) all articles defending Wakefield and b) all articles by JB Handley.

Also, I have consulted google news, and they say they don''t require payment.