Parents who blame vaccines not actually suggesting adverse reaction


And now it's the varicella vaccine that is doing it.

There's a reason that scientifically-minded people don't afford a lot of credence to the half-brained theories that folks bullshitting around the water cooler or over beers or speculating on Age of Autism or one of the mercury brigade's ya-woo groups pull out of their asses, no matter how well-intentioned these people speculating are (that they then take that speculation and make it into gospel truth is frightening).

There's a reason that dotors and scientists dismiss this thousands-of-parents stories about vaccines causing autism: wayt too many of these parents are arguing vaccines did it but they're not arguing that there was an immediate adverse effect. They're making a connection months after the fact.Oh, shit, my kid had this vaccine, and now he's autistic. They could have easily gone, Oh, shit, I took my kid to the circus and now he has autism.

Seriously. It's also this constant casting about and attempting to make connections with no evidence. It's the wild ass speculating. It's the woo.

I'd quote from the mother who is implicating varicella and autism; I was going to deconstruct it. Then I was just going to quote it in its entirety, since to take a sentence or two, well, apparently that could be taken out of context. In the end, I decided I didn't want that on my blog. You can go read Tiffani the nurse's speculation in the link to AoA at the top of this blog post. (It should be noted, her blog -- at least the first half dozen posts-- is not overly woo-filled and worth a look-see; she appears to focus on positives, on helpful things for her child while touching into the wild-ass speculation and she likes Ginger Taylor.)

It is nice, though, to have it in print by one of the parents that it wasn't an adverse reaction. How many parents who think vaccines did it are just like this parent, casting about after the fact for a reason and making some seriously flawed conclusions? Oodles and oodles. You'll just have to pardon our skepticism. It's entirely warranted.

And our need to counter, when you have posts like this (directly beneath Tiffani's):

"These people all know exactly what they are doing and saying and it is up to us to expose it and demand a punishment or perform it. Yes unfortunately this will get uncomfortable for all of us because we will have to be men and women or choose to be mice."

Nice. AoA lets threats to others on.


kathleen said...

I knew it was the circus! Damn clowns! :)

AutismNewsBeat said...

How do we parents ever trust people who will lie so freely and easily about something this important?
J.B. Handley

Handley has been lying for so long he can't remember what truth is.