Olmsted and Irony

"Specter didn’t mention the factual errors, which, when piled on top of the plagiarism, make his work look much worse. They suggest a habit of carelessness that he would prefer not to call attention to – as does the fact Specter has been down this road before, in an article he wrote in 2007 on spam." http://www.ageofautism.com/2009/11/olmsted-on-autism-tell-jon-stewart-the-truth-about-denialist-michael-specter.html#more

I know, I pick. I do. But seriously, this dude manufactured the entire Amish/autism bullshit that all of the anti-vaccine folks LOVE to pull out as proof.

For a thorough debunking of Olmsted:


The "Amish" Anomaly hoax

American Balkans: Dan Olmsted Trips Over Amish Country

Profile of Fraud: Olmsted's history






I'm sure if I worked at it a little longer, I could find more. :-) Something to consider if you're an AoAer and read me. If they won't admit when they're factually incorrect, if they buy into and participate in the whale.to, well, seriously?

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