Not anti-vaccine, just anti-autism

Okay, Olmsted. Good to know. Wrong. Or did you miss Heckenlively's piece a bit earlier on Autism: A Simple Plan, which is anti-vaccination? Damn.

How many autistic individuals are surprised to hear they are anti-autism? Oh, I know, they ascribe to the notion that tha autism is vaccine-induced damage that stole their children away from them. They're both anti-autism and anti-vaccine.

I'd have no problems if they were simply parents who wanted to reduce their children's suffering (which I believe they add to with the quack treatments), if they wanted to increase the appreciation society has for people with disabilities, increase services, decrease bullying, decrease stigma, etc. Everything they do is counter to that and increases the suffering of autistic individuals.

Dogma. Ideology. And some serious conspiracy theory driving their show.

On a side note, Specter screwed the pooch when he made the mistake with Offit passage, and now his work is tainted. Not that it would have made a bit of difference with that crowd. After all, he made the cardinal sin of quoting Offit.

Another side note, the thought of Blaxill and Olmsted writing a book on the natural history of autism gave me a really good laugh. I've read enough of them to suspect it will begin with the introduction of thimerosal in the decade before Kanner observed autism. It ought to be every bit as fact-filled as Olmsted's Amish fairy tale. Almost as good as Kirby's.


Corina Becker said...

"How many autistic individuals are surprised to hear they are anti-autism?"

not me.

Joseph said...

In communities with more history and experience, they wouldn't dream of saying things like that.

For example, do you imagine the National Association For Down Syndrome saying "We're anti-Down Syndrome" ?

jonathan said...

decrease bullying!! That's a laugh coming from you, a member of the ND movement and good friend of Clay Adams who laughed at me when he mocked and ridiculed me.

NightStorm The Aspiewolf said...

Lol Jon you're an enabler, you asked for attention Clay gave it to you.

KWombles said...

I didn't laugh at you, Jonathan. I told you your biggest problem wasn't your autism. I noted Clay's cleverness in altering song lyrics and then noted you wouldn't appreciate it. He explained his reasoning to you, his desire to get you to stand up and fight back; he extended an offer of friendship to you. You rejected. Instead, you'd rather stay miserable. Again, autism isn't your major roadblock.

Sorry, bud, you keep lousy company and side with bullies who harass and make death threats. When you keep better company, grow a pair, and get a grip, well, then feel free to come back and talk. Until then, I hope your hate keeps you warm at night. I have a feeling it's about all you have going for you, Jonathan. Wouldn't that be a shame?

:-) You've caught me on a day where my inner Thelma is fully on the outside; I have no interest in mincing words here. You are horribly mistaken about what neurodiversity is and you go out of your way to assault and assail those who are for the recognition of the innate human dignity we all possess, even you.

You are obviously an extremely unhappy man. Whether that makes you as unpleasant to be around in person, I have no idea, but you're no joy online. If you want to stay mired in misery, keep to the nasty comapny you prefer. I'll take Roger anyday. He's not nearly as angry, and his posts are inherently more interesting.

As an aside, I have a feeling most of us have an inner Thelma and Louise, that part of us committed to saying our piece, with integrity, and a little whoop-ass where needed, and always compassion. We should let our Thelma and Louise's out; they're a great deal of fun and a little bit raunchy.

Surely they and Clay will weigh in on this when they see it.

Have a great day, Jonathan, and thanks for letting me know I was a member of the ND movement. I had no idea.

Joseph said...

Jonathan is confusing any criticism with "bullying." After the latest nonsense he threw at me, I could've said "he's bullying me! he's bullying me!"

AutismNewsBeat said...

We already have a Craig.

Louise said...

Well Miss Kim, Don't that just shake my rump from here ta Arkansas! I know that my gal Thelma will be right pleased to hear what your sayin!
Mr. Jonathon! You is a victim of your own self bullyin an such!Ya keepin company with folks who encourage your self hatred! And I think ya craves it! Naughty boys LIKE gettin spanked! YEE HA! Make that hiney red!
Good lord and butter! The only "movement" goin on here is a comin from you! Cause you full of it! Thats for damn true!

Clay said...

@Jon-boy - Whine, whine, whine! Why don't you talk to ME, instead of just whining about it? Anyway, thanks for reminding me of why I started to "have a go at you" in the first place, and in case you've forgotten, here is the explanation at the beginning of this post:


Most denizens of the Hub will recognize a certain nebbish who hates his autism, "yearns for a cure", and actively criticizes any autistic who maintains a healthy self-image, is able to support him/herself, and especially those who are able to have friends or (gasp!) get married! He envies the achievements of others so much, he just can't help but to throw stones at them. Well, payback's a bitch.

For your reading pleasure, I've added several song parodies to my repertoire, and I've just gotta tell you, I FEEL A SONG COMING ON!

Toodles, numbnuts. See ya in the funny papers. ;-)

Thelma said...

Clay, dear friend, ya beat me here! Cain't believe that Jonathan left me and Louise outa your best friends, specially since I do believe that we featured Jonny-boy at the beginnin of our bloggin adventures!

Louise said I was needed here, so I pulled my nose right outa my books. Lordy, love my books, cain't seem ta come up for air lately, but Louise said that I was needed here ta weigh in on matters. Since I'm a weighty gal, how can Thelma not offer some of my thoughts?

Sure an don't Louise an I just wear our inner selves on our outerselves all the fine time? Ain't it best ta say what's in your heart, ta speak truth ta the dumbasses in your midst? Gotta member, course, they have feelins, so ya don't go at it aimin ta abuse or hurt. Ain't the intent, nosirree.

Lookee here, gots us some major impediments, all of us, ta gettin the things we think we want. Some of us more than others. Some of us get our shit together quicker and work it all out, what we really want, how ta get ta it.

Some of us are majorly stuck, though, and they is dumbasses. Truth in front of em, but cain't see it. Well, mayhap with a whoop of the purse an a hug on the side, we can help folks focus.

Oh, Jonny-boy, told ya months ago, sure enough I did, that ya jus might be a dumbass. Reckon it's highly possible.

Now, ta matters more important. Lordy, that is bad poetry on the right hand side. Know ya put it in the poem itself there, Kim, dear, but bad. Shew-ey. Don't give up your day job. :-) See? Ain't at all hard ta speak the truth, jus gotta do it with love. Bad. Like ya wrote it in the wee early hours of tha mornin with no coffee or wild turkey in ya. Reckon ya sipped some of the Wild Turkey, ya'd write better poetry? It's whatcha get for bein a teetotaller.

KWombles said...

I confess, the bad poetry was written before I had been thoroughly bolstered by coffee. I can guarantee, it would have been bad poetry regardless. :-)

KWombles said...



Epic Fail. You really should be ashamed of yourself. You are as bad as Best, I see.

cawill said...

"We already have a Craig."

Here's another one, Kim. Good to know that you stepped forward and said, "That was inappropriate Ken" because that's what "friends" do. I stood up and defended you when someone made and inappropriate comment to you, didn't I? I guess you're such a good "friend" that you can't show me the same courtesy.

So good to know who my friends are.