Making a Name for Themselves: You sure you want investigative reporters really telling your stories?

"We won't get them to help us by playing nice." (1)

Heckenlively writes this in his latest piece. Technically, he's speaking of the legal system, the media, and the political sytem, or appears to be, that he's written of in the above paragraph. If you've been paying even a tiny bit of attention to this matter, you know that if the anti-vaxxers haven't been known for playing nice, if they ever were. So what does he really mean? What tactics is Heckenlively calling for? I don't know; it's all so shadowy.

He outlines three things in this piece that he believes will happen if they take their fight to the legislature to green vaccines: the media will have to cover it, the medical community will have to defend the vaccines, and they can all come out of the shadows and tell their stories.

"Do you know how many young reporters must be itching to do this story and make a name for themselves?" (1) 

Like Kirby? Made himself a name, didn't he? I like that; Heckenlively's not appealing to them to do the right thing, to tell the real story, but appealing to their self-interest. He argues they are all too whimpy and afraid of lawsuits and that's why they're not providing AoA, SafeMinds, and GenRes's talking points: vaccines bad. Formaldehyde, antifreeze, insecticide, aluminum and mercury! I picture him taking a swig of soda out of an aluminum can while eating a tuna fish sandwich (bread that has aluminum in the baking powder)  that has been grilled in an aluminum frying pan.

There's been coverage of this story. Their is coverage of the vaccines and concerns. Get over it. It isn't fear of being sued. It might be fear of looking like dumbasses, though. Report as if the lunatic fringe is right or mainstream science? No brainer. Maybe you'll get your own news channel? Conspiracies-R-Us (CRU); you and all your buds over at whale.to can yip to your content on your various wackaloon and disproven theories (Heckenlively: 16 whale.to hits).

"If they show up they lose on the facts. If they don't show up, they lose because they public will see them as cowards." (1)

No, they don't lose on the facts. They tend to "lose" because you people shout over them. And Larry King Live is a lousy place to discuss science. They don't show up  because it's a crappy way to relate medical information when they know they're going to be screamed at that the only science Jenny needs is her son. Who needs the death threat and harassment, either? Your tactics are dirty. Why should they show up. They should ignore you, not engage you directly, and continue to disseminate accurate information through the mainstream media. You don't directly engage the foaming rabid dog in front of you; you go around it. It's not like you can reason the mad dog into backing down. You let everyone else see that mad dog, with its foaming and its rage, and let them form their own impressions. You provide accurate information. I don't know that engaging in head-to-head debated does any good. Saying to others, "Hey did you see this person? What he said is absolutely wonkers." may be the better way around it. It also reduces blood pressure.

"If this measure gets hot they will be rushing to tell our stories." (1)

Heckenlively thinks they've been in the shadows and that if the Oregon vaccine measure passes, reporters will be all over them. Let's say that's true. Why does he think their stories would be uncritically examined? That they wouldn't be required to substantiate their claims with actual evidence?
Investigative reporting into their shadow worlds on the mercury militia yahoo groups (remember that LBRP guest blogger who shared one mother's stories through her posts?) and the biomed forums and such won't be pretty. Yes, please tell their stories. Hold them up to the light of the day and sociocultural examination. Please, please, please do. Let's get it all in the light. DO.
Marijuana is the latest. Nicotine Patches. The Yasko protocol. Cutler's deranged mineral transport. Hold this all up into the light.
Chelation and HBOT. Megadose vitamin supplementation. IVIG treatments. Hold them up to the light.
Hold these supposed scientists  and doctors up to the light: Deth, Blaylock, Geier, Wakefield, Mercola, Gordon, Sears. Hold them up to the light. Ask them hard questions. Examine their work, their words, their profit margins.
Oh, and that you consider Maher a friend is icing, in so many ways. It cements him as the guy he claims he didn't want to be, and loses him even more mainstream credibility. I'm pretty sure the insecticide in the vaccines was enough on its own. But this is icing.
Some of the things that the green vaccines initiative proposes:
"Vaccines given to Oregon children and pregnant women must be 100% free from Thimerosal (a mercury-based preservative also used in manufacturing) with absolutely no exceptions. This includes a ban on the use of thimerosal in manufacturing of the vaccines." (2)
"Oregon must abide by this lack of approval from the FDA and ban the flu shot for pregnant women." (2)
"The new law will allow only one vaccine to be administered per pediatric visit. A minimum of one week must be observed between vaccines." (2)
"An Oregon child may not receive any vaccines until they reach a minimum age of 3 months." (2)
"Reduce the number of required vaccines in Oregon to attend school to the following list: DTaP, polio, MMR, and HiB." (2)

Tell me, Heckenlively et al., what will you do if this passes and mortality rates in both infants and pregnant women go up in that state in the five years after it passes? What will you do? I suspect you will la-la-la-la-la all the way to the bank as you continue to sponsor the big nutraceuticals on your site. Hey, you can always start selling HBOTS like Mercola sells tanning beds!

I suspect that if this passes, these mortaliy rates will increase and it will cement your status as a fringe group, as scientific and critical-thinking illiterates, like those flat earthers. It's a wonder whale.to isn't into that conspiracy as well. Well, to be  fair, there is only so much time in loonyville that I can stand to be, so I'll have to search next time I dip my toes in over there.

2. http://www.ageofautism.com/2009/11/autism-a-simple-plan.html#more


Joseph said...

Your average Oregon voter will easily think these proposals sound reasonable. The voters obviously won't be able to evaluate whether there's any rationale behind them, or whether they are feasible or risky.

davidbrown said...

I will give Heckenlively a backhanded defense: He is very likely right in suggesting that journalists are avoiding vaccine issues out of fear of lawsuits. But,who is doing the threatening? Wakefield sued, the Geiers sued, Shoemaker subpoenaed, and Handley sued over being criticized for threatening to sue people. Clearly, they are in no position to complain if most journalists prefer to ignore them.