Happy Day: Finding the Bright Spots

I've worked with my garden girlies for several years on greetings and goodbyes and the right things to say. I still have to prompt them most days to tell their grandparents to have a good evening as we leave from our almost daily visits.

Most mornings I drop them off at school and get no acknowledgement despite my promptings. This week the biggest garden girlie started waving to me once she and little garden girlie were out of the car. Today, she waved and the little one yelled back to me, "Have a good day, Mama!" It's their third year of schooling, and for the most part I'm the one who drops them off. I've gotten used to telling them bye and to have a good day with no response.

Happy Day!


Corina Becker said...

Heh, I don't always give goodbyes very much. Greetings, yeah, and some days I can do a little small-talk (like, a minute or so), but it isn't consistent.

I don't say good-bye. Good-bye seems too final. Maybe because I've had to say "good-bye" at funerals, but I don't say it. I say "See you!" or "Have a good day!" When I can. Otherwise, I nod and/or wave. Sometimes, it's automatic, but other times I have to work on it. I'm pretty sure I did something similar as a kid.

I don't recall my parents working with me on greetings and farewells. This may because a) I was generally considered shy, so it didn't bother people and b) it seemed fairly minor compared to other things going on in my childhood.

Never mind I wasn't diagnosed, so I think it was one of those things that slipped through the cracks.

kathleen said...

What a lovely story-great way to start your day :)